Hello everyone! Newbie from Chicago here....

  1. Where should I start, I am an avid purse collector, I own, over 200 of em now, and I change em out almost every day for each outfit - yeah, crazy.... I live in downtown Chicago and love it ! Anyone else from Chicago on here?

    Anyways, didnt want to be :blink: lurker any longer - so hiya from chitown!

  2. Welcome pursegal! Over 200 purses, my Goodness, you make most of us look like amateurs! :lol:
  3. yeah, but my 200 are not nearly the price of 1 of most everyones on here- you guys buy what i wish i could - but i am working myself up there - i like to buy alot of wholesale and banana republic; gap; coach; dooney, and kate spade stuff.... cant wait for the day to purchase my very first LV - haaa dreaming.....
  4. Welcome to The Forum Pursegal. :love:

  5. That day will surely come! ;)
  6. Welcome! And hide your cc :biggrin: It'll be suffering from the beautiful bags displayed here.
  7. pursegal,
    Welcome to PF! I went to IMSA for high school, Univ of Chicago for college, and then spent 5 years working in Chicago after college before moving to Kentucky. I LOVE Chicago and would like to consider myself a Chicagoan (and feel like a fish out of water in the South).
  8. 200!! Oh how I wish!! :nuts:

    Welcome! ;)
  9. Yep -- I'm from Chicago. I live on the North side, my time split between Uptown and Rogers Park, to be more specific. 200 purses -- that's quite a feat!
  10. hi, welcome
  11. Welcome! It is awesome here. If you love bags, this is the place to be!!
  12. Welcome! Love to see pics of some of your purses!
  13. Hi Pursegal! Welcome to the PF! 200 bags? WOW! We would love to see pictures of some of your favorites. Cheers!
  14. Greeting and Salutations. I would love to see your collection.
  15. Welcome!!! I am from Michigan but love to travel to Chicago! And hopefully, we will be having a Purse Forum meeting in Chicago for all the ladies and gents from teh Midwest! Keep an eye out for it!