hello everyone, new to the forum!

  1. hello ladies,
    im new here and id like to introduce myself.. im silvia, a 21 year-old student from milan, italy. ive been reading and reading and reading and its amazing how wonderful and colorful all of your hermes items are. i wanted my first post to be about my first hermes purchase.. unfortunatly it isnt :confused1: .. but i decided how i want to start my collection!! i want a Ulysse in togo either PM or GM.. ive been going through posts but i cant seem to find an answer.. i read that the Ulysse comes only with blank refills; do you know if you can actually get calender refills?

    thank you,
    i can't wait to post more (and excuse my english)
  2. Welcome PrincessSilvia! There are no calendar refills available for the Ulysse. Have a look at the H agendas, these do come with calendar refills.
  3. Welcome. Enjoy your time here and prepare to get sucked into the Hermes addiction. Once you start...
  4. Hello and welcome! ^_^

    I was able to buy a tabbed, lined insert for my Ulysse instead of a blank one, but nope, no agenda insert.

    But mind you, my Ulysse was $160 + $70 insert...for a little more than that total, I could have purchased a small agenda! Though the agenda inserts can be around $70 for actual agendas :push:
  5. Welcome. You are going to love this forum. People here are extermelly knowledgeable and helpful as well as amicable. I am H-less at the moment but love every post and live vicariously through their purchases until the day that I will experience it by myself..:shame:
  6. thanx neeya,
    i was looking forward to virtually meeting you.. and all of the other ladies of course! anyways ive heard that a small agenda is around 250euros but i wanted something very slim to fit in my purses.. is a small agenda as small and thin as a ulysse?
  7. i so know what you mean M_Butterfly and i cant wait for my first purchase!
  8. Welcome to the orange side. Once you get started, you won't be able to stop!

    Here's the picture of Neeya's tabbed insert, which is something very new this season.

  9. Welcome PrincessSilvia!!!!!
  10. Welcome!!!!
  11. Hi PS!! Welcome to Hermes Heaven!!
  12. Welcome!
  13. Welcome to the PF Princess Silvia!!!
  14. Oh the smaller agenda I've looked at are much more compact than the Ulysse! The Ulysse is lightweight, but somewhat thick once the insert is in and a bit bulkier than a few of the small agendas that I've seen. If you have an H store near you, definitely go and take a look at all of the agenda styles to see which one fits you best ^_^ And I'm sure LZ still has some great looking agendas, like this one LUXURY-SHOPS.COM - Hermes, Globe-Trotter PM, Medium Agenda which could hold a nb insert and an agenda insert it appears :smile:
  15. Welcome Princess Silvia. I don't know the answer to your question about the inserts for the agendas, but your local H boutique in Milan is one of the nicest to visit so I'm sure they'll help you pick out the perfect Ulysee for your needs. Enjoy your trip to the shop and let the addiction begin.:smile: