hello everyone! my collection =)

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  1. here is part of my collection. my all time fave is chloe :biggrin:

    :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: :love:
    choco silverado
    cognac spy bag
    whiskey paddy
    choco paddy
    khaki paddy


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  2. You are a true Chloe fan. Nice collection though
  3. Looking at it again I really love your spy!
  4. Love the paddington collection you have going on !
  5. yaa-yo, how do you like your silverado? I'm 2 seconds from purchasing one. Is it a regular sized one? I'm thinking of getting the small, got any opinions? Love your spy :smile:
  6. oh i love it! its a good size. its about 16 long, but i did try on a bigger size and it was not practical...at least for an everyday look. what color are you planning on?
  7. So you mean you have the small silverado? They posted it as 38x19x19 (all in cm). I'm planning on a blu claire.

    Take close ups!!!!!!!!Your spy = love:love:
  9. Wow... all these paddingtons are making me want one right now!!! :nuts::love:

    Does your choco paddy have the dark brown interior?
  10. Nice collection! I want a silverado :love:
  11. Lovely collection...love all the brown-toned bags.
  12. Very nice! Love your paddys!
  13. Beautiful collection - i want a paddy - maybe you could loan me one - I am sure you wont miss it too much as you have more than enough to share LOL
  14. Great collection.

    Each time I see the whiskey paddy I start wanting one...grrr...I am glad they are sold out or waitlisted.
  15. Ohhhh:amazed: Do you have a close-up on the Fendi:love: I’m thinking of buying one in that colour. I would really appreciate it:biggrin: Lovely collection:nuts: