Hello everyone....just wanted to introduce myself

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  1. I am new here and have been browsing and I am loving this forum. I am so amazed and inspired by some of the collections that I have seen. I have always loved LV but didn't really own my first one until June of this year, I got the BH. A month later I couldn't resist and bought the Azur NF. And just this Saturday, I bought a pre-loved Ribera. Here are some pics. I know it is a boring collection so far.


    My next purchase will hopefully be the Hampstead and maybe the Galliera. I would've never thought of buying the Hampstead but after seeing all the pics on here, I am so in love with it now. I have always loved the Galliera but I was hoping that they will release that in the Ebene. I totally missed out on the SO =(

    The one other thing that surprised me is reading about people selling their LVs. I got my pre-loved Ribera from a cousin so I never really thought about buying, selling, re-buying, etc anywhere else except maybe between people you know. This whole buying, selling and rebuying thing makes the collecting really fun. I'll have to look into places for that. So exciting.
  2. Welcome and Congrats. I'm sure you will love your BH. I find myself using it more than many of my others!!! :ghi5:
  3. Welcome. You have a great start to your collection and you will find that hanging out around here causes it to grow rapidly.
  4. Hello and welcome!
    I love your collection so far! Beautiful pieces! :flowers:
  5. I took the LV plunge with a pre-loved Cabas Piano. A year later I went to the boutique at King of Prussia and purchased the BH. It is the perfect bag for me. Welcome to LV and the board, it is addicting!!
  6. Welcome! Always nice to meet new members ;)
  7. Welcome, your collection is not boring at all!! LV is never boring....
  8. :welcome2::welcome2::welcome2::ps:
  9. Welcome!!!!!!!!!
    Your collection is not boring at all... They are gorgeous! I love the Ribera! Congratulations!!!
  10. Welcome! Not boring at all! I love your bags!
  11. Welcome!! Your collection, as others have stated, is not boring!! All staples!!
  12. welcome!
    love your collection so far!
  13. :welcome2::party:
  14. welcome to the LV world. ...your collection is far from boring... you should be very proud of your purchases and wear them with great pride ;)
  15. Nice collection. Welcome to TPF.