Hello everyone...I'm new w/ a question...

  1. I actually don't own any designer handbags, but have become a tad obsessed with them ever since browsing the shops in Las Vegas last month. So, I went to Neiman Marcus the other day to drool over the fendi's, and I was just curious, the bags on display....are those the ones you actually purchase, or do they bring you a different one from the the back or something? Thanks in advance...you all seem like lovely ladies.:balloon:
  2. Welcome!

    To answer your question, it depends. If they have extra stock in the back, they will sometimes pack a "fresh" bag for you (or if you specifically request it). I prefer "fresh" bags because they haven't been handled and as a result, often do not have additional scratches or wear that you can find on display bags. If the display is their only bag in stock, then that's the one that you get.
  3. I think it depends. At NM in Denver they're never very "deep" in stock. What they have out on display is pretty much all they have of each style and color. Rarely do they have more in the back. But I've heard at other stores they carry a large stock out back, especially on some other brands, like Balenciagas.
  4. Many of us also purchase our bags pre-loved on places like eBay! But we always ask each other to confirm that the bags are authentic before we purchase. Welcome!