Hello everyone...I'm new to the forum

  1. Hi, I was just wondering if anyone one here likes the mini mono cabas mary kate in black. I have one, but I haven't seen a pic of it on here. In Dec 05 ,my boyfriend(now fiance)bought me a GM Hudson for X-Mas and I wasn't really into LV so I didn't like the style of the bag at all and decided to exchange it. I wanted a nice big, bag so I got the cabas mary kate...please don't tell me I'm the only one that really like that bag. i tried to upload pics but my MAC isn't good for anything so.....

    That's all. BTW i really, reallylove the PF:yes:
  2. Welcome! :flowers:
    I love Mini Mono :love: The Cabas Mary Kate is great, congrats! I'm thinking about the Sac Mary Kate for quite a long time now... can't decide :shame:
  3. Welcome To The Pf!!!! :smile: I'm So Happy You Love It Here!!!!!! The Love The Mini Mono Cabas Mary Kate.......It's Gorgeous! You Have Exquisite Taste!!!!! :smile:
  4. Welcome ! :flowers:

    Love your bag, the shape is great !

    And it will be rare now when Mini mono is going to be discontinued :graucho:
  5. hi and welcome! :yes:

    i like the mini monogram too. it's too bad it will be discontinued.
  6. hi!!! welcome :biggrin:
    i hope you can post your pics soon, i'm also a mac user and i loooveee it! :flowers:
  7. Welcome to the PF!
  8. Welcome to PF :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:
  9. Thanks you all for the warm welcome. I thought I had picked out the ugliest bag ever. I never see anyone carrying it...then when I looked on here and didn't see it in anyone's collection I thought maybe I'm a weirdo or something!!!:shame:
    I feel better now!
    Well here it is!
  10. Welcome:flowers: :flowers: :flowers: . I saw it IRL last weekend and it's TDF ! Love it!:love: :love: :love:
  11. Welcome! I love Mono Mini and have the Josephine PM TST in khaki. So you are not the only one that likes this soon-to-be-discontinued line!
  12. Welcome to PF! Your bag is beautiful, btw!!
  13. Welcome to the forum :biggrin: She's lovely :love: