Hello everyone!!I need help please

  1. I am looking, and have tried eBay , but cannot for the life of me find this Isabella fiore bag....argh!!!!
    It's the one that came out last year called the buried treasure britta in brown. I am a little afraid to purchase from online, but would deffinately love some advice as to where i can find an authentic one.
    Any help more then greatly appreciated :o)
    Thanks so much!
  2. the Newcomer's Forum, where you posted this, is really only for you to introduce yourself.
    I'll move this to the proper Forum for you, take a moment to look around, there's A LOT of fantastic forums here!:yes:
  3. Hi everyone i just thought i would mention, i too am a purse aholic, and really should probably hit rehab for accessories lol. But a little bit about myself. I am a sahm with a huge obsession to purses tee heee. I am so hoping that i will be lucky enough to find this purse. I only wish i had of known about it's intro last year.
    I live in canada:o)