hello everybody! Looking for pirata stellina..

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  1. Hello everyone! I'm new to the board and am a new tokidoki bag fan. Currently I'm hoping to find a pirata stellina for less than retail...I know some places are having sales this weekend..does anyone know of a place I could find one? Thanks so much!
  2. Not sure if they are having a sale, but Macy's in Burbank, CA had several Pirata Stellinas a few weeks back...
  3. Macy's having a 15% Off Memorial Weekend Sale. You can print the pass on the Deals and Steals Board.
  4. I saw two of em at Macy's in OakRidge Mall, San Jose, CA.
  5. leen, are you in San jose ? I thought you are in SD? Ohh..you must be here for the long weekend?
  6. Yes I'm here in SJ visiting my sister and her family for the weekend. Wait are you near by? Sacramento right?
    I come here often, prolly like 4x a year :smile:.
  7. No..I am in Sunnyvale, Oakridge Mall is about 30 min drive from Sunnyvale. But 2 weeks ago we went to Sacramento for Thomas Day Out trip !
    Wow..you could have brought all your foresta tokis and we can meet up to talk about toki :P
  8. Oh you're here then!! I kept thinking you were up in Sacramento. I'm using my Foresta Luna and Inferno MM this weekend!

    I wanna hit up Valley Fair tomorrow and scope out Nordy's and Macy's. I'll prolly just get an inventory of what I see and post them here for those still looking.

    I wish we had a Metropark in San Diego. They had all the new shirts there. I think I'm going to go back and get some.
  9. Leen, there is a metropark in VF. So you can go get your shirt tomorrow.
    We are going to Vallejo Discovery Kingdom tomorrow.
  10. my macys has tons of pirata 661-287-5911