hello everybody!!! i'm new here!!!!

  1. Hi!!!!!!:P
    i'm a new member!:yahoo:
    my name is enrico(henry).i'm 17 and i live in cabiate a small village near milan!:wlae: (italy of course)
    a month ago i bought a monogram ludlow...now, of course, i've fallen in love with LV!!!:nuts:
    i simply love the monogram groom items...but a lot of other things,too!!!:angel:
    yesterday a new boutique was opened in milan...it's the third LV boutique in the city!:graucho:
    next sunday i'm going to germany for a study holiday/trip with my classroom..i'm staying away just one week...as soon as i come back i'll vist the new store in milan..i hope to buy also something...;)
    i really like this forum...i hope to have a great time with all of you!:P
  2. Welcome!
  3. Welcome and enjoy the forum.
  4. :flowers: Welcome! Glad to have another man around!
  5. Hello & Welcome!!
  6. Welcome Enrico! You are in good company!
  7. Welcome to the PF!
  8. Wlcome! I'm 17 too. I love store on via montenapoleone. I bought there my OLAV but I don't like SA's in galleria vittorio amanuele. Where they opened new store? :smile:
  9. welcome, cant wait to hear about the new store!
  10. welcome....
  11. Welcome!!!!:smile:
  12. welcome..
  13. welcome and enjoy!:flowers:
  14. Welcome to the forum and LV addiction ;)
  15. Welcome!!
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