hello DIABRO!!! cheap couriers and more!!

  1. hey everyone, i just snagged a super cheap courier in mogano/cinnamon on Diabro!!! :woohoo:normally a courier is 1175 (?) and i got it for under $900!!!! go check it out - they seem to have gotten a big shipment of bags, a lot of them for less then retail!!

    go shopping!
  2. woohoo!!!! go nicole!!! :yahoo:
  3. ^^ i know - very excited!!!!! :wlae:
  4. Nicole, what a great deal on the courier! Mogano leather is so sublime and chewy--at least the ones I've seen! Congrats!
  5. Thanks nicole!
  6. they have amazing deals on some of the ivory bags.
  7. their shipping is crazy fast - the bag came on SAturday!!!!! stupid USPS driver didn't ring the bell and just left me a slip, but it's being redelivered today!!! can't wait to get my hands on it :drool:
  8. Congrats Nicole! I think the Courrier looks best in the brown colours. Be sure to post modelling pics!
  9. Hi ladies,

    Im thinking of purchasing a twiggy bag from Diabro and pay through google checkout but they require me to provide them with copies of my ID and back and front of my credit card since Im a first time user for this service. Is this secure?:s
  10. i bought from them jsut this one time and i paid thru paypal. they are a completely trust worthy company - they even called me to confirm my address and account before shipping!! if you can, give them a call - i found them to be super friendly and very reliable!!
  11. Congrats! ? ---> did Diabro claim a low price, if not, how much was your cutom?
  12. i didn't pay any customs - they put 150 on the outside packaging. i think it arrived in less then 5 days, from Japan to Los Angeles!! faster then BAl NY!!
  13. Did you ask them to price it low or did they automatically do it?

    I'm in LA too!
  14. no, i didn't ask them to do anything - i'm rather clueless, it didn't even occur to me that i might have to pay customs! i literally went online, paid thru paypal, they called me like an hour later to confirm my address then boom - 3 days later my bag was here!
  15. Unfortunately, Im unable to pay for my purchase through paypal as there were some error. So have to pay by other means. They requested for copies of my ID and credit card as for some security measures. Anyone have experience on this before?