Hello, could you help me with a Bayswater Picadilly?


Jan 16, 2008
Hello all,

I'm new too the Mulberry forum, and just recently I have fallen in LOVE with the Bayswater! I'm a 6'7" guy, so which should I get, the Large Bayswater, or the Bayswater Picadilly? I would use it as an everyday bag, I typically carry, my big cell phone, keys, camera, ipod, card holder, coin holder, and my agenda.

So what would you suggest? And do these bags hold their shape well when in use? Or should I get a base shaper like for a Louis Vuitton Speedy?

Any help is VERY much appreciated, and due too financial constraints, this will be an eBay purchase, so any tips for authenticating will also be VERY appreciated!

Thanks so much! And sorry for the long post! lol


Apr 14, 2007
Hi there , I have just bought the Large Bayswater and think this is a better bag for us girls as the straps are longer . I think a Piccadilly would be better for you . I posted a thread earlier "My mulberry sale purchase" . I'm a teeny 5'3" for comparison .I haven't used my bag yet so couldn't comment on a need for a base shaper.
Post your ebays finds on the authenticate thread and someone will be able to help . Good luck.