Hello!! Color transfer on my beige sac de jour

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  1. Hello please help me remove the color transfer on this beige sac de jour in pebbled leather... it’s Brand new my first wear and I was so careful but not careful enough.. I tried baby wipes it didn’t remove anything
  2. I’m sorry for that girl! From what is it? Is for the clothes you wore that day? Maybe in the store can help you.
    I was thinking about purchasing the red one in smooth leather, but now I’m afraid
  3. @Caro10l I have a pastel pink SDJ, I spray my bag with the same repellent you spray for your shoes before my first use. The color from my black jeans rubbed onto the bag (and I've washed those jeans sooooo many times!), and I was able to wipe it off with baby wipes. But you do have to be careful regardless.

    As for the OP, have you tried using a leather cleaner? If you are able to get the stain off, remember to spray your bag before your first use! (and periodically clean, and re-spray as needed)