hello Chloe bay bag problem

  1. Hi all new from Australia.Love to read about all designer bags information is a minefield.However would love some help if someone can.Have two Chloe bay quilted bags and for some odd reason the inside if the handles have started to show cracking in the painted area.That is the ouer part where the handles are sealed above stitching.I am quite careful but just wanted ro know if anyone has experienced anything remotely similar or has tips on how to fic them.Thanks:tup:
  2. maybe you should post this on the chloe forum!
  3. You posted in our Authenticity Forum, I'll move this to our Chloe Forum for you.
    Please post any Chloe questions in the Chloe Forum.
  4. It would help if you could take pictures and we can then try to help. Though it might be an idea to contact the stockist.