Hello Chanel gals

  1. Hello y'all........

    I have been thinking.........and thinking................

    I think i need something Chanel...

    I need to find something age appropriate and cute for a 12 year old. (You can say whatever you want about my age, but I dont care)

    I have been trying to find a nice Chanel bag for AGES, but the only line that I can think of is Cambon. But they dont sell Cambon anymore :sad:

    So, do you guys have any ideas of something Chanel for me??
  2. Oh yes, I do have a large black on black cambon tote on hold at my store, but its way too big.
  3. If you like the Cambon totes they have medium and small versions and a bowler as well.
    But consider the large one because you will have the bag for a life time and will grow into it.;)
  4. are you looking for something big or small?

    I'm thinking cambon pouchette, east west w/ silver hardware, 2.55 sz 224 or 225, small mademoiselle camera bag, the Rock small flap, expandable flap, (for small bags)

    something from animal line will be cute for 12yrs old (if its still available)

    or Paris biatriz tote, Lady braid in red or blue
  5. Maybe a PST?
  6. i think an e/w is a great choice.
  7. Cambon still is available:yes:
    I'd try and find a pochette or a medium tote.
  8. I saw 2 cambon pochettes at my store last week! They are still out there!
  9. I like the PST & mini flap, I think they'd look really cute on you:heart:;)!!!
  10. I think the PST would be a great choice. Good luck!
  11. ok gals, off to look for some good pics in the refrence section!! thanks a bunch!! :yahoo:
  12. oops, double post