Hello! Bought my first Jimmy Choo!

  1. Hi everyone!

    I found this forum when I was looking for my favorite bag: The Maddy in liquid patent cognac. This forum seems like so much fun!!

    anyway, I just bought that purse on JC.com and am jumping up and down with joy!!! YAY! Christmas present for me. Husband will kill me though :shame:

    I had a question too - for those of you that ordered from JC.com how long does it take to get the bags? It states 2-3 days - is that correct?

    Thanks!! :yahoo:
  2. Welcome Kphoto,

    Congratulations on your new Maddy and the LP is TDF :drool:

    Don't worry about DH, he will get used to it soon enough:nogood: I am sure this will not be your last JC bag to show up on your door step :angel:

    As for shipping from the website orders, they do arrive very quickly :woohoo: PROVIDED there are no watersnake or exotic skin details on the bag :cursing: I am sure you will have your new Maddy in the next few days :wlae:

    Be sure to post pictures and welcome to the wonderful world of Choos!
  3. Hi!

    Thank you!! DH is in Peru for a week for work and I just told him!!! And he did not freak out!! OMG! He was happy that I was happy! :yahoo:

    Thank you too for the info on shipping - that is awesome! I cannot wait to get it into my hands!! YAY!!!
  4. Welcome kphoto - you'll love your new Maddy. I have the Mahala in the Cognac LP. I have only ordered a few times from JC online. Bags arrived 3-4 days after the order confirmation. Post pictures in the Reference library when it arrives!
  5. OOOOHHHHH! Maddy in cognac! I seriously thought about this bag, but I already have Maddy in bronze. You are going to love this bag. It is my favorite Choo bag!!!!:choochoo:
  6. What a great first bag! Congratulations, and welcome to Choo Anonymous. :choochoo:
  7. Thanks everyone!

    I am so excited!

    I went to our local Jimmy Choo store to get the matching wallet and it is gorgeous! And FYI: (will create a separate post too) that on December 5th they are having a 30% sale! My wallet is on sale so I will pick it up then.

    So, I would assume that the sale is nationwide so just an FYI!
  8. Oooo....I shopped at the Orlando JC when I was there in July. I'm so jealous. The SAs there are fantastic. :girlsigh: