Hello! Bal Newb w/ marine GH city

  1. Hi everyone coming out from my shell today....

    I had never ventured into the Bal forum until last month.
    I needed a break from the structured Hermes bags and needed something soft smooth and casual to toss around everywhere.....

    I finally found a bag that I fell in love with: my marine GH city.. Perfect for summer, very nautical, and seems to go well with my outfits (lots of whites, light blues, yellows)

    Terry from BALNY halped me find a least veiny bag she had and the quality of leather is incredible.

    I'm not sure if you can tell from the picture but the bag is actually very "glittery. I love how the color changes under different lighting.. and I'm extremely impressed with the quality/craftsmanship.

    Can't wait for my next BAL ~ Hopeing for Grey (Plomb?) city with Silver GH..
    marine city GH.JPG marine city 2.JPG marine city 3.JPG
  2. [​IMG]


  3. Very pretty joanna! The contrast of the bright hardware on the dark leather is gorgeous! :heart:
  4. Gorgeous! Congralations and welcome to bbag addiction!
  5. OOOOOOOOOOOOOH yummy... lovely bag!

    And welcome :smile:
  6. Gorgeous bag!!! You picked a great color for your first Bbag!!! Welcome to the Bal area, and I know you'll have more on your "to get" list soon!! ;)
  7. What a beautiful first choice! I love the GH. The bags gain so much character as they are carried and worn and begin to slouch. They are wonderful.

    Welcome and Congratulations!!!
  8. Yayyy Joanna this is my 1000 post and a great way to congradulate you.:party: I love the Marine w/GH. I am thinking of getting the Part time. Looks gorgeous, enjoy it.:yahoo:
  9. The leather is stunning! congrats
  10. Thank you ladies...
    I must admit it's very difficult to choose a bag with so many options available...

    I'm happy to report that my husband, who had initially opposed my BAL purchase was captivated by this bag and is VERY willing to present me with BAL gifts in the future :yahoo:
  11. WELCOME to the Bbag family! CONGRATS and ENJOY your new bag! Beautiful color!!
  12. it looks great on you!
  13. Oh, it's just loverly!
  14. joanna, welcome to Bbags, and congratulations on your new baby! She's totally TDF... :drool:
  15. joanna how is the color irl ? is it a really really dark blue ? is it easy to match with your clothes ? tia