Hello? Anyone want to share/reveal their BEC's?

  1. :graucho:I know some of you had to snag some gorgeous BEC's lately. (I even did, but I can't reveal till after Christmas as I think dh is going to take the easy way out and use them as gifts...silly me for offering, right?:roflmfao:) Anyone want to share or let us live vicariously thru you? There were some tdf leathers on that list!
  2. Yes I know I have been wondering where all the reveals are as I am sure many took advantage of placing a final BEC order. I have mine but cannot post yet as I am out of town on business. Will do once I get back though
  3. Can't wait to see yours! Post when you can...it's a crazy time of year and putting pics online probably isn't high on anyone's priority list.
  4. I got myself a couple of KMs in my treasured Black thick matte..one w gold hw the other silver..and a couple of Hold mes!!
  5. Ooo...what color hold me's? The black thick matte too?
  6. ^^no, I do have several bag in the thick matte black..I got myself one in the rust croc and one in the lipstick Pink..the latter, I already had until a DIL fell in love with this colour and leather..so I used this option to get another one ;)
  7. I did not order anything...so will be living vicariously via your reveals...so bring it on ladies!
  8. You can see mine in my "Nunnla's BE" thread. No sense in posting them twice. :biggrin:
  9. Saw it - thanks! You're always great about sharing your BE goodies with us. Now I can reveal mine...just need to get the pics taken and uploaded.;)
  10. Ok...here are mine. I haven't used either of them yet but now that Christmas is over, I can get them protected and take them out for their maiden voyages.

    First up is a Tote Me Midi in chewy turquoise matte with silvery grey lining and silver hw.

    And next is a Hold Me with a pliable base in Mandarin Matte with silver hw and purple lining.

    Sorry for the extra large pics. I can never figure out how to make them smallish!:shame:
  11. Wow..Great colourful bags!:graucho:

    The Turquoise really looks chewy for sure..a lovely colour as well as model.I was toying with the idea of having a bag in this leather too..I guess I should have..LOL!

    ..and the Mandarin will brighten up any winter day and will glow in summer!

    Lovely bags to end BEC'ing..congrats!
  12. Thanks! I'm regretting not protecting them yet because I'm really itching to carry the tote me midi!
  13. Jen, you finally got your turquoise bag with silver hardware!! The turquoise matte looks lovely. I had turquoise sheen with silver and the silver grey lining in a Hold Me (now gone to live with another sweet TPF lady). Well done on holding out on all those other turq bags that had gold hardware!
  14. Great leather choices Jennifer! I love the lining on both bags!

  15. Thanks! Yeah, I'm glad I didn't go with gold hw...on any brand...because it would've totally bugged me.:p Great advice! As for the silver grey lining, I wouldn't have thought of it myself, but Janelle suggested it. I really like it.