Hello, anyone remember me? + new bag

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  1. wow lovely bag and welcome once again xxx
  2. Its in weathered leather, it is amazing, I'm totally loving it! Its just so easy to sling it on and go:nuts:
  3. Gorgeous bag:biggrin:
  4. Gorgeous bag. I have the same jody in black weathered leather and I love her. Great practical bag.
  5. The bag s beautiful, I had not seen that style Jodi and I am so very impressed, It looks great. What is the size like? and congratulations on your new purchase!
  6. Oh, what a beautiful colour! The purple looks fantastic with the black hw, it is a truly stunning bag :yes:
  7. Welcome Back :biggrin:

    Jody is gorgeous, such a lush colour, congrats :biggrin:
  8. I remember you! Congrats on the fab new bag.
  9. Thanks again everyone! BTW I noticed Jody had a slight mark earlier today, but I rubbed it gently with my finger and it blended in beautifully :yahoo:
  10. :crybaby: :lol:

    It's really, really stunning, GIW. Great that you could just rub the scratch straight out - not like our Jonis, eh?! :nuts:

    I think the trick with any bag that you're not sure about durability - just use it to death within the first few months. Any flaws should develop then and if there *is* a problem, Mulberry will sort it out for you :tup:
  11. Gorgeous bag and colour! Congrats!
  12. Hi dita,

    Yes, good plan. I am going to do just that and see what happens within the first 12 months.

    Grrr, the Joni :rant:
  13. Nice Jody and it's my fav colours!! COngrats!! I want the Jody too!!