Hello, anyone remember me? + new bag

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  1. Hello,

    Not sure if anyone will remember me, I used to post here regularly. Hope everyone is OK.

    I've been 'off' Mulberry for a while, but my love has been renewed by a visit to Bicester at the weekend.

    I made a purchase....a large Jody shopper in purple tumbled leather with pewter hardware!

    It's gorgeous and the SA assured me it was easier to care for than Darwin leather. However, I've seen a thread on here about how delicate the leather and now I'm worried :crybaby:

    I know... :useless: I'll take some when I get home tonight!
  2. Hello! Im relatively new, in that, I think you posted before I joined .. sorry!! Nice to see you anyway!

    Your new bag sounds gorgeous! I didnt realise they did it in that colour :drool: Was it a sample or something?

    Congrats on your new bag & your renewed love for Mulberry!

    Look forward to seeing the pics later on!! :biggrin:

  3. Nope, don't remember you, but welcome back.

    Congrats on your new purchase and you are right, we need to see pics!
  4. Hello, I'm new to this forum and only been here a couple of weeks, so don't remember you, but welcome back :biggrin: Your bag sounds looooovely, look forward to seeing your pictures later!
  5. I made a big impression in my time here then!! I don't see any of the people I used to chat to - Chaz, ditab...?

    The bag had 'special purchase' on the label - does that mean it was a sample?

    I spotted it as soon as I went into the shop. OH held onto it tightly for me whilst I browsed the rest of the stock, bless him :nuts:
  6. I think Chaz is mainly on the Hermes forum now .. but yes ditab comes here still! Im sure you will recognise more names later - probably lots of people are at work etc.

    Special Purchase .. I THINK is made especially for the outlets, or perhaps is a piece they are trying out in different colours/leathers etc that may not have gone into production, so you are pretty lucky to get that one :biggrin:
  7. Welcome back. I might have been here when you were here before but I am a little unsure
    Anyway looking forward to see pics
  8. Welcome back!
    I do remember you but I didn't post much this time last year because I was doing my honours year at uni and was stressed off my feet and out my box, hope to see pics of your new purchase soon! Purple Jody sounds lovely!
  9. Hello! I've only been around this year so sorry I wasn't here in the olden days ;) I have a Jody in black and a Shimmy in purple tumbled sheep. The combination of the two along with that gorgeous hardware sound tdf. Looking forward to your pics. Congratulations on a great find.
  10. I remember you too ! Welcome back !!
  11. Hi - your new bag sounds tres elegant - how about some piccies?
  12. I remember you!!! welcome back. Looking forward to seeing pics of your new bag.
  13. I don't remember you - I'm still relatively new here - but welcome back!! :smile:
    Looking forward to the pics & reviews....
  14. Of course I remember you :tup: So pleased you're back :yahoo: Are you still doing your knitting? I remember that fab beret you made ;)

    Purple Jody is gorgeous - but yes, we neeeeeeed pics :lol:
  15. Hello everyone and thanks for the welcome back :happydance:

    dita, yes I'm still knitting! I've got some unglamorous sock knitting in my glamorous Jody!

    ETA have to pop out after work today but will post pics later for you all.