Hello and visiting from Chanel boards with a question

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  1. I hate to ask such a thing, but before I begin what may be a new obsession, would anyone mind sharing what I could expect to pay for a Kelly or Birkin (the two bags I like the most). Thanks :yes:
  2. Hi and welcome! A basic Kelly 28cm starts just under $6k and a 30cm Birkin in basic leather starts out just under $7k.
    There are some wonderful bags on eBay, though. More Kellys than Birkins.
  3. Uh Oh, Leem....now you're in trouble.....once you cross to the orange side, you won't go back!!!
  4. ^ GF speaks the truth. :smile:
  5. Prices go up February 2. Food for thought.
  6. A friend of mine just got a Birkin 35 cm in Vachee Liegee leather: $8,200.
  7. Hermes isn't the only one with a price rise in February, Chanel's got an 18% increase on their classic line!

    My SA quoted me €5200 for a 35cm Togo Birkin - not sure if this is the new price or the old one.
  8. Ugh ... bloody price increases!! Most people I know don't even get raises in that percentage.
  9. They are crazy!!!! They definately are trying to make it difficult for people to buy their bags.

    30cm birkin,... 7k
    28cm kelly 6k
  10. Goodness, the 30cm Birkin in regular is already 7K?!! In a few more years it's going to pass the 10K mark ...
  11. ^^I know...the price increases are becoming just a bit too greedy...don't you agree?
  12. One of my SAs is concerned about the price increase. She felt that while people will continue to buy the bags, at some point H is going to hit the limit because there's always a line somewhere.
  13. I agree, there is only so much that can be charged for a bag. I'm not going to be buying leather bags for 10k, nope, that's just plain nuts!
  14. resellers are going to have a field day with this!
  15. I know my SA is feeling alarmed about it. The price increase has been growing exponentially the past few years and from what I know, it doesn't seem like it's gonna stopping anytime soon!