Hello and Thanks from Chanel newbie

  1. Hi everyone,

    I want to say hello and thanks so much for all the information on this forum. It has been invaluable and everyone seems so nice too. It's been a pleasure reading the blog and forum. I have been coveting a Chanel bag for quite some time and took the plunge this past Saturday when I purchased a black GST with silver hw. Got it at the Chanel boutique in Soho and I couldn't love it more! I was actually petting it in the store and looked, I'm sure, like an idiot. The price tag was prior to the most recent price hike and, although the salesperson originally rang up the newest (more expensive) price, she honored the price on the tag. So, I feel like I got a deal! Thank you all again for the great information. (I did post on the Introductions section but was told to also say "hi" here. Hope I put this in the right place.)
  2. Thanks for saying "hi" here and welcome! You sure did get a deal on your GST, and it was a fantastic first pic. We love pics here on this forum, so please post some if you are so inclined! We are happy to have you!
  3. Hi and Welcome. Congrats on your GST, it's a great choice. I have the brown/distressed, silver hardware GST, and it's one of my favorite bags.
  4. Welcome!!
    Congrats on your beautiful GST. :tup:

    I love that bag.:heart:

    Enjoy it and before you know it you will have a whole family of Chanels!!!:yes:
  5. Congrats!!!!
    great bag!!!!!!
  6. Hi! congrats on your beautiful new Chanel. I'm kind of new to Chanel and have lots to learn. You're so right about this subforum being friendly and helpful.

    I understand "patting" the purse lol--my nieces do the same thing. Purse lovers do things like this.
  7. Hi welcome, great bag you have here, enjoy!!
  8. WOW... that is a deal! I'm glad you had a great SOHO boutique experience and congrats on your new bag.
  9. congrats on joining the Chanel club and getting your beautiful bag! i cant agreed more on this wonderful forum.. it does help me with great recommendation on choosing the bags and the latest happening in the world of Chanel.
  10. Desdemona, welcome to the Chanel forum. =)
    Congrats on your 1st Chanel bag, enjoy. =)
  11. mind if i ask what was the price before and after the increase???
  12. I've been known to pet a bag or two. :smile:
    Congrats on your first purchase and welcome!
  13. Congrats and welcome to your second hom!!:yes:
  14. Great choice. I'm going to check out that Soho location.
  15. congrats on your good deal and welcome!