Hello and please don't hate me!

  1. Okay, I admit I am entirely ignorant when it comes to purses. Name brands, styles, colors, fashion, all just confound me. Of course, that's not a good reason for handbag lovers to hate me. Here's that reason: I just inherited over 150 purses and I suspec they are very nice. SORRY!

    So, here's my plea. I have NO idea what I am looking at and even though you may hate me, I am hoping you will lend me some help. For instance, I have a black, leather Gucci with a leather embroidered flower and a twisted leather (looks kinda rope-like) handle. The purse is about 12" long and 7 or 8" high, and the top flaps over about 90% of the body to close. It has no gold or silver other than the little leather fob attached to the handle that reads "Gucci." Any ideas what this purse could be called or worth?

    I have lots more too, but thought I'd start with one and see if y'all are open to helping. Thanks so much!

  2. need photos please.
  3. yes, please post pictures... that'll be very helpful and probably yummy for the bag lovers to look at... :yahoo:
  4. :wtf: :wtf: :wtf: PICS
  5. our Members are B E Y O N D helpful! :yes:
    but we must have pics!
  6. Pics are necessary in this situation.
  7. yup upload photos :smile: we may be able to help you better :smile: may i ask who was the generous soul who gave you the bags? you're so lucky!
  8. Congratulations on inheriting 150 purses! Did you inherit them from your mother or? Any vintage designer handbags in your collection?

    Pics please.
  9. Pics, please. We don't bite. Everyone here is VERY helpful and nice.
  10. Yes, pics, please!
  11. Ooh I am very intrigued - please post pics!!:smile:
  12. Thanks everyone, I will post pics as soon as I get back to the house in Vegas, which will be in the next two weeks. The person who died is my life-partner's mother. My life partner wouldn't be caught dead carrying a purse (kinda butch gal, although she'll happily have me carry her stuff in mine!) so, all the girly stuff becomes my problem. I can't wait to post some pics and get all your advice. Thank you so much!
  13. Can' wait - really excited to see pics now!:yes:
  14. Ooooh sounds fabulous. I can`t wait to see pictures.
  15. I REALLY want to see pics!!!