Hello and Orlando Outlet Possibilities?

  1. Hello! I'm new to the forum, definitely not new to Coach addiction! You ladies have great collections, and reading this forum is so much fun!

    So, I'm going on a business trip to Orlando in two weeks. The last time I went, I visited the Coach Outlet :yahoo: but sadly had not a penny to spend :push:. This time, I have gift cards (even got one from my boss' boss who heard that I have a serious addiction and will be unbearable if I can't get my Coach fix). ALL that to say, has anyone been to the Orlando outlet recently, and if so, what did you see? I'm thinking a cute scarf to put on my Hamptons carryall from last fall, or maybe some sunglasses, or keyfobs...looking to spend around $100 total.

    Also, does anyone remember the Katy tote? Like an idiot I missed out on it, which should have been illegal since Katy is my name. I'd love to find one - the only ones I've seen on eBay are flaming fakes, but you never know when one could turn up...

    Thank you sooo much for your help!!
  2. Dillard's had the legacy stripe Katy totes for about $115 on Monday for their one day sale. So I would assume that more authentic totes should appear on eBay from people who want to make some quick money. Maybe you can still get a good deal and find one on eBay.

    There is also the legacy stripe tote that are similar to the katy that is on the Coach website.

  3. Thank you so much!!!
  4. I was just in Orlando last week for the holidays (well, I was in Kissimmee but we went to the outlets in Orlando). We went to the Premium Outlet (I think that's the name...it's under construction now. They're making it bigger!!!). Anywho, they had lots of signature stuff. Lots of pink too. I picked up the one and only black Mandy they had in the store in the clearance section. Paid $351 for it. It's my b-day gift from me to me!!!

    They had lots of keyfobs (I wish I picked up one) and scarfs, day planners, wallets and miniskinny's. They also had lots of fall jackets but I didn't see any shoes. I also saw leather gloves and a few hats. I don't remember seeing the Katy bag though but that doesn't mean it wasn't there. I was so wrapped up in the Mandy that I saw nothing else. But I saw enough to start saving for the next time I go. You're gonna have a blast!!!!!!!!
  5. The outlets i Kisssmee Rock! I was in Orlando on business before the holidays one year and did all my Christmas shopping there.
  6. I'm so excited! Thank you so much! I've lined up my transportation directly from the airport to the Outlet - probably sounds weird to be so excited, but the closest Outlet to me is 4 hours away so this is a HUGE treat!!! Thanks for all the info!