Hello and Introduction!


Sep 1, 2008
Southern Ca
I am usually on the LV boards but starting to dabble in Ferragamo. I have been a longtime lover of his shoes- with 5 vintage pairs (only wear 3 of them) and 2 pairs of the Ribbes pumps. I also have the Icona wallet in green and looking to also get this in gold. I have my eyes on some Varinas.

Does anyone have any experience with Varinas? There are some great colors on eBay but wondering if I should just wait until Bloomingdales has a F&F or % off sale.


Aug 20, 2013
The Garden State
I usually buy my Ferragamo shoes from Bloomies when they have their sales. The only issue with waiting is that they may not have your size. I've had my Varinas for over a year. Great shoes but did have to break them in. I have slightly wide feet and they were a little narrow but other than that they are great flats. Stylish and classic.