Hello and identify these

  1. Hard to tell with just a toe box photo however looks like the Creme Bruges to me...gorgeous shoe....where did you find them??

  2. ShoeDarling...or do you think they may be the vernice decollete?

    ShoeDarling...I love the link! They are fabulous!
  3. I must admit, I'm a little confounded by this one....they're not the same?:confused1:
  4. You and I both!! The decollete looks the same in all of our refererenced photos: vernice, bruge and zeppa!! I think what we can agree on is it is a DECOLLETE:love::tup:

    ShoeDarling.... we hijacked this thread:nuts:...and probably did not help the cause much but hey thanks for the pics!! Now I want them too:rolleyes:!!
  5. I'm pretty sure they are the Decollete Zeppa's (sometimes labeled as Decollete 868 Zeppa or DecolZep)....one of the many variations with a patent upper & wooden platform (and Decollete 868 last & style).
  6. Thanks everyone! Just I one more Q about them- they are pretty tight on me especially at the toe. Do you think they can be stretched or should I eBay them :s

    I have the gold glitter slingbacks in a size smaller and they are soooo comfy so not sure if I have to be uncomfortable in CLs
  7. ^LoubouLush, I got them true to size and they have stretched out nicely.
  8. I am with ShoeDarling... they will give a bit! Keep 'em LoubouLush!:tup:
  9. Thanks again! I tried them on again yesterday and they are really tight - I might photograph my foot in them and see what you think then :girlsigh:
  10. Mentioned in another thread a little while ago, perhaps try stretching them out by wearing the w/ socks around the house... :smile:
  11. Yep ... decollete zeppa. I have them in butterscotch. Gorgeous on the foot.
  12. When I first got my decollete zeppas in black patent they were super tight and really painful! I sized up only 1/2 a size for those. They've started stretching with wear though..I'd say they got more comfortable after the second time of wearing them. i can wear them now even though my right foot (the bigger one) still goes numb. I haven't worn them more than a handful of times.

    I have them in white also, which I got a full size up. They did fit perfectly at first, but now I think I need to get a footpetal for the heel on my left foot to keep it from slipping out. I probably should have only sized up half a size for those, but couldn't really bare the thought of squishing my foot into another pair of those again!
  13. My god...TTS in decolletes? What is your secret?