1. Hello everyone!! I am a BRAND new member of TPF..and although my eyes are hurting from reading the threads about my fave brand, BV, it is so much fun to read all the shared stories! Well I want to share my recent experience with Bluefly..my husband surprised me and bought the choc.brown Large Veneta from there since he has known for quite a while that it's been my dream to have a BV bag! What a big disappointment when number one is wasn't a LARGE veneta, (i believe it was a medium they sent) and number two it seemed fake becoz of the tiny piece of stitching sticking out from a part of the handle w/c I thought an authentic one would never have?! Anyhow, we returned the bag to them and ordered a REAL one at the actual Bottega store in Vegas. I ended up getting the OFF-WHITE one and it finally came in the mail today. But, my problem is, since this is my first BV, I am not sure if i made the right choice of color...the off-white is very nice, but I can't stop thinking about the choc. brown and the white was also my other choice..Why did I end up purchasing the off-white? becoz I already have a few brown bags, and the white seems impractical becoz it is only for spring/summer. But I really love the white. And I really love the choc. brown. But the off-white seems to be a good choice becoz I don't have a bag in that color, it is close to a white, and it will go with most outfits. I apologize for such a long post but I am really confused! Can you girls please give me your opinion?? Thanks a lot!!
  2. If you really love the off-white, wear it when you can and enjoy it. BV has other classic styles that you can get with the Ebano color, even another Veneta if that's the style you love best. It doesn't sound like a bad choice to me unless you think this will be your only BV ever.

  3. Welcome I-bags if you love it keep it you can always get a choco brown later. Congrats on yoiur new bag!!
  4. Take a couple of days to look at your off-white bag, try it on with different outfits, and see how you feel. BV has a 10-day exchange/store credit policy, so just make sure you don't overrun the time limit. If you don't absolutely love it, you can go exchange it.
    As SonyaPhi said, you can always get the brown at a later time, in another style if you prefer, since that color (ebano) is a permanent color.
  5. Welcome I-bags!
    If you love the off-white than keep it and get the chocolate later in a different style eg.g ball bag. I would make sure that you send it to BV for cleaning before you put it away for storing until next spring. Here BV does it for free in the first 2 years and after that it just costs 25€ to clean it at the Italian factory and it takes about a week.
    And like Chiao said take a couple of days use it in the house and than decide wether to keep it or exchange for the ebano.
  6. Exchange it for the ebano brown. That color is rich and what BV is famous for.

    I am not a big fan of white bags esp in BV.

  7. Relax and take a deep breath.

    The good thing you got an authentic bag! Now, like a previous poster stated...if this will be your only BV bag I would return it and get the ebano. If it is not, I would keep it if you love it. The ebano will be there season after season and you can always pick one up in that style bag or another. Ultimately, you would have to make that decision.

    Relax...you didn't make a mistake...you just have to decide which one you want more and sometimes that is the harder thing to do.
  8. Hi girls and thank you so much for the input. I think due to my excitement my post wasn't that clear. I meant to say that I got the off-white (w/c is like an ivory shade), but I am confused whether I should exchange it for the TRUE white or the choc. brown. Both the true white and choc. brown were my top choices but the salesperson at bottega made me realize that it is more practical to get the off-white one becoz i have brown bags already, and the true white is not an all-year round color. but now looking at my off-white bag, it is indeed beautiful...but i would've preferred the true white if i was to get a lighter color becoz that's what i truly wanted, but then i have to weigh the pros and cons becoz it is really just a spring/summer color. i'm sorry i sound like i really don't know what i want girls, but this is the true GEMINI side of me..i always over-analyze and have a hard time deciding!! this is why i need your help to put things into perspective :confused1: . i am very happy to have a REAL bag believe me, but becoz this is such a big purchase i want to make sure this is a bag that i will love for a looong, looong time and not just for a few months. as far as getting another one in in the future, well my husband loved the bag so much that his initial reaction was "this is the best bag i ever bought you..maybe i'll buy you another one next year!!" he was very happy with it :yes: . But i will follow some of your advice..i will wear it around the house for a few days and see how i feel. thanks for pointing out the return/exchange policy at the store..i will make sure i decide w/in the next couple of days!!! thanks so much everyone!! this is the best site!!!!
  9. Your husband sounds like a keeper-what a thoughtful guy!

    I love the off white color. It's soft and creamy. If it is the true white that you want, don't be discouraged becasue of the "spring/summer" rule. I love white bags in the winter. Many times, they are unexpected and certainly make a fun statement. A white bag contrasting a dark outfit in the winter is great, IMO. You can wear them all year round, if you really want to.
    Let us know what you decide and congratulations again!
  10. Thanks, Marly!! He is a keeper indeed :smile: .

    I love your veneta bag..is that a powder blue? It looks gorgeous on you!!!! I am kicking myself because certain colors went on sale at the BV site last year and I didn't take advantage of it..i think the blue and green were two of the colors that went on sale.

    I will call the store where my bag came from today. I just found a very tiny "cut" on the woven part of the bag which is barely noticeable. I wonder if it is worth exchanging the bag for that reason alone...but knowing that it is there and having my husband pay $1630 for it, it probably is worth the trouble! I wonder if this is a sign that I should not keep this color, hahaha.

    I will definitely let u girls know which color i end up with.
    BTW, a little info for you girls with light colored bottegas: the cleanser/protector that they recommend you use is called "meltonian"..w/c is avail for purchase at some shoe repair stores...they said it works very well if you carefully follow the instructions!!! Also, the coach cleaner/moisturizer works really well i heard.

    Gosh I am addicted to this site already!!
  11. Just take your time...I know it's hard to decide what color to get, but you can always get another bag :graucho:

    Regarding the leather protectant, I used Apple Garde on my pink Sloane, it seems to work very well.