Hello Amarante Wallet!

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  1. in my quest for a real wallet, i finally i got one and can put my little epi ID holder to rest for a while hehe. i never get tired of looking at amarante things. i also know that i was pretty set on getting a french purse. however, after having looked through different styles at the store, i considered the pochette just because so many of you recommend this style for its versatility. well, you were right. surprisingly, it won me over. i can't stop taking pictures of it, the shade is so intense and i love the way it changes in different lighting.

    natural light:

    my search is over! as usual, thanks to all the enablers. i hope this wallet will age well and is not as delicate as it appears. anyone with vernis wallets please chime in and let me know how yours is holding up! has the shine/gloss worn off over time?
  2. what a beauty!!! its really gorgeous!! congrats!
  3. I am totally in love with amarante but I haven't managed to acquire any yet. Congrats!!!
  4. Wow, I love the Amarante! Congrats ... it's beautiful!

    I have it in FP and it's great!
  5. It's gorgeous! I love Amarante..Congrats! :smile:
  6. Gorgeous! I love amarante vernis. Yours has very nice deep indentation too :tup:. 'Grats!
  7. pretty, congrats!
  8. Wow, beautiful wallet. I hope the fingerprint issue doesn't annoy you because it's a gorgeous color. Congrats!!!!
  9. thanks all! yes, i noticed the deep embossing right away and was drawn to it. the fp and pti embossing were not as deep as this one so i snatched it up :biggrin: i will keep the little polishing cloth in the wallet to dust off the fingerprints when i need to. fortunately, i have dry palms so i don't leave many marks on it :biggrin:
  10. Love the color!!! Congrats!!!
  11. Love the color, so rich!
  12. Congrats, it's so beautiful!
  13. I've had my Pomme French Purse for a year, my Frmboise Agenda for a year and my Amarante Koala for about 6 months and they're doing pretty well. Your's is gorgeous, congratz and enjoy!!!!!
  14. I loooooooooove your wallet, but man Chelle! You are nooooo help! Sighs*

    I was trying to forget about getting anything else in Vernis, and now your making me want to exchange my Pomme make up bag for an Amarante one, to match the Amarante Heart coin purse I saw somewhere!

    I originally wanted the two in Pomme, but the Pomme Heart I was going to get in from the East is damaged! I dont like any of the mirror ones (no offense though, yours looks gorgeous with your Ivorie Alma :flowers:) and the Violette isnt deep enough for me, so the Amarante might be the one?

    Should I get the make up bag and heart in Amarante?

    (my bf likes amarante over pomme which hinders my decision)
  15. Congratulation! That is a beauty- and I have to say that I find vernis much easier to care for then eg epi: I have a beautiful wallet in red vernis from my late mom and it looks great, even after a lot of use. My epi mandarin agenda was replaced by my old agenda after 9 months of use because it looked so damaged...which is sad because it took me ages to find it!