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  1. Hi lovelies, I've just registered on TPF because of my new Balenciaga obsession but my first love is BV. So I thot i'd just drop in on this thread to say hi to all of you. I've been reading and following this thread quite a bit and I really enjoy all your posts!

    I saw a recent post on luxealways' unfortunate (but now happily resolved) episode re her matita belly 76 and that reminded me of my matita belly EW. It's my favourite bag of all time and the thought of losing a button sent shivers down my spine. Then I saw a comment that the EW belly was very, well, EW and thought I should share my pix of the bag. It's not as EW as i first thot it would be cos the bottom elongates when you carry it (making it look like the bigger version of the belly 76).

    First pic is belly sitting on floor (with me belly also on the floor to take this photo :smile:)

    And the second is one of belly hanging by handles:

    I know it's an old bag but because there are limited photos of its true shape here, I thought I'd share. :P

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  2. Very nice bag! My aunt has this exact size in Tea ostrich.
  3. Thanks for sharing the photos, and :welcome2: to tPF!
  4. Gorgeous bag! Welcome and thanks for sharing :smile:
  5. Welcome to TPF and thank you for sharing! I've always admired the belly 76 and now I've got more pics to drool over. :smile:
  6. Beautiful bag. If I'm not mistaken I think jburgh also has this beauty. Matita is so beautiful. Welcome. :biggrin:
  7. I love this color, too. It's such a beautiful bag. Welcome!!
  8. Welcome to TPF! What an incredible bag!! Such a beauty!
  9. Welcome! Thanks the photos. I've never seen this bag in person, so I really appreciate the time you took in sharing them with us. It looks like a great bag.
  10. What a gorgeous bag! Thanks for sharing.
    Welcome to our forum.
  11. Welcome to the BV forum. Yes, BL - I do have this bag.

    Thanks for posting pictures. Please add them to our reference library when you get a chance!
  12. Hi! So glad you are here. Thanks for sharing the photo of your bag:smile:
  13. Welcome to the TPF and especially to BV! Hope you will visit soon...Your bag is great....I especially love the color...I have it in a SLG...:biggrin:
  14. Thank you all for your warm welcome and your lovely comments on the bag!! :blush:

    BV does make amazing bags that just grows and grows and grows on you. Here's a family portrait - you can see I went BV crazy FW2008 n SS2009.

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  15. Wow! :nuts: That's a gorgy pic of your fabulous family.