Hello All MC Audra Owners!

  1. On what occassion do you use your MC Audra? I have one, and I love it but its been sitting in my closet most of the time. I'm not sure what outfits suits it, so I just use the easier to match bags like my mono and azur.

    Any thoughts.....? Tia.:rolleyes::rolleyes:
  2. I have the black mc audra and I use her for when I wear something a little dressier than jeans and a t-shirt. I like to wear her with black pants and a black top and some nice accessories with a bit of color. I also have the black mc belt and mules and it looks nice to wear it all together on a "black" canvas. The audra looks fantastic with a little black dress a la audrey hepburn also.
  3. hmmmm.....I have the black one. I just love her for her chunky handles and the 'clink-clink' they make when you jiggle the purse around a bit.....teehee!
    Anyway, I haven't used mine at all this winter since I got my Mirage Speedy, but I used her all the time last summer. I do find her a bit on the small side though. Actually, I just had her out yesterday and was thinking I should take her out for a little outing sometime soon.
    One time I was in Coach and a male sales assistant came up to me and said that he just 'loved my black Audra'. I was so shocked when he referred to it by it's proper name!
    By the way, when I got her, I didn't notice that she had a defect and one of the links on the handle was twisted. I noticed it months later. When I took it into the LV boutique all the SA's and the manager gathered around and just starred at it. They said they couldn't believe that it was actually twisted and thought that maybe I had done it somehow. But twist as we may, it couldn't be twisted back. So they sent her off for a little 'procedure' and she came back several weeks later, all straightened out. No charge and they shipped her back to my home for free.
    Anyway, I'm kind of off topic here. I wear her with just about any outfit that's solid color - black or bright.
  4. Oh, I had bought that bag in black when it first came out for $900 and sent it back. Now look at the price!!! I kick myself all the time for returning it. I wish I had the Audra now to decide what to wear with it! Such a cute handbag!
  5. I used to have the white Audra. I ended up selling it because I thought it was too heavy.
  6. Thanks Cyndee and LoVer for suc a great input. I was thinking that I need whole white outfit to match my white Audra. Its such a beautiful bag, its a pity to keep her in most of the time... Since its a colourful piece, maybe anything plain outfits would match, I gather.:yes:
  7. ^^^I hate wrong spellings.^^^

    Southerncharm, its still not too late to buy now, before the next price hike!! :wlae::wlae::wlae:
  8. Ihave the Black MC and I wear her with both casual and dressy outfits. I last wore her with Dark Denim Jeans, a Deep Red Sweater and Black Leather Jacket. She's a gret bag and gets lots of compliments when I taker her out. I need to do that more often too!
  9. i would probably wear it out with jeans and a nice top!
  10. ^^^Yes, totally agree. I tried it on with jeans and plain pink T-shirt and I had to admit it blends in nicely!:yes::yes:. Meaning that you can alsogo casual with this bag..yay!:yahoo:

    I guess as long as your outfit is plain coloured or does not have too many loud pattern, it will be okay, just like the other MC lines.:yes::tup: