Hello All - Louis Complaint


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Jan 9, 2006
First of all, hello to all of you guys!!!!! I LOVE purses, so I stumbled across this site and plan on spending quite a bit of time here!:nuts:

So my wonderful significant other bought me a Louis Manhattan for Christmas. Oh the JOY of opening a LV. I carried it for a couple of days, and when I was putting my phone into one of the front pockets, I saw LIGHT. (I didn't see THE light, just light. LOL)
There was a hole in the bottom of the pocket!!! I inspected closer, the purse was sewn incorrectly.

Now, Mr Wonderful thinks I am being picky in wanting to return the purse for another, you can't see the darned hole anyway.

I, on the other hand, believe if you purchase a Louis, it should be sheer perfection.

So who is right? Hmmmmmmmmm??????
definitely take it back if it makes you unhappy. for the amount of money your husband spent, you deserve to be %100 satisfied. if anything they should repair it for you.
No question - you must exchange it and quick - most LV boutiques only honor an exchange for defects within 14 days with receipt.

That is what my receipt said from the Beverly Hills LV.
Wow, that sucks, I wonder how quality control missed that! I agree that you should exchange it...UNTIL YOU GET SOMETHING PERFECT! I hate when stores put a limit on that ****...I mean if its their fault I don't see the problem. I could understand if a person changed their mind 394839483x etc, but if its defective and its caught soon, the boutique should be responsible.
Oh no, that's horrible !

You should definately exchange it, it's not picky at all that you don't want a giant, not designed for hole in your purse !!!
I used to work at a clothing store and if someone brought something in b/c of a "quality issue" we replaced it no questions asked.

Even if it was from 3 years ago and we didn't carry it anymore- they could go pick out something comparable.

You can tell when something is a quality issue versus normal wear and tear.
Definitely return or exchange it...I can't believe your significant other is giving you a hard time about it. If I spent that kind of money on someone, the item better not have flaws! And, welcome to the forum!!!
I'd so return it! I always expect my bags to be perfect with no scratches, loose threads, or even a HOLE especially if it's new. If I did that on the other hand it's ok but I would definitely return it. Don't let your husband make you feel bad, boys know nothing anyways!;)