Hello All!! Just curious....

  1. Hey everyone

    Seeing as how I have all the time in the world this wonderful Saturday morning, thought I'd post for the first time. I'm new to this whole LV craze, and recently purchased a Mono Speedy 30 at the LV in YD (Toronto). I'm just wondering if it is normal for the SA to just stick the purse in the dustbag, shove it into the bag and send you on your way? ...don't most people have their purses wrapped up and boxed, no? Also, how do u know if you've purchased a bag that has been returned?:sad:
  2. Congrats on your first LV and first post! I'm new to LV too and my only bag is a mono speedy 30 that I purchased from Elux. It came all wrapped up in the dustbag and then in the brown box. I would assume that the boutique would do the same. Why do you think your bag was previously returned?
  3. Congrats :smile: Welcome :smile:
  4. some times you have to ask for a box for your bag. if you go back in and explain that you didnt get a box the will give you one.

  5. My SA picked one that is really nice and packed in a paper bag, not wrapped or boxed though :smile:
  6. I would go back and ask for a box if you want one. I just got a new Dune Mini Lin Speedy and I got a box.

    CONGRATS!!!! On your new speedy
  7. Many boutiques will not box, unless you ask them to do it :smile:
  8. ^^ Yah, most won't. I guess it all depends on the SA. I'm usually the one telling them not to box anymore sine I ran out of space.
  9. Hi again, thanks guys for the warm welcome!
    The box is no big deal..it's just that I've seen pics of some of new purchases you girls have made..and all of them were nicely wrapped up- a lil jealous that I didnt get all that lol. no biggy:smile:

    spartancoaster: Key and lock look a lil used, other than that...i doubt my purse was previously returned (atleast i'm hoping not!!)

    I know I'll be kicking myself for asking this question stupid question....but what are the odds that a well made fake might be sold by LV store?
  10. Pretty nil Jenny. When you return an LV to the store they take it in the back and inspect it (for use and for being a fake)! So no fakes should ever make their way back to the public!!!!!!
  11. Congrats and welcome!! Sometimes the keys and locks look a little tarnished....I use Brasso on mine to shine them up. You can always go back and ask for a different key and lock if it bugs you.
  12. Hey twiggers, thanks! For some reason, your reply just made my day. Everyone around is telling me the same thing, but i guess i needed to hear it from people who know what they're talking about lol.

    Thank God I found tpf!

    Thanks for all your input guys.
  13. Hey girlsgottoshop, I think i'll try the Brasso. Thanks for the advice!
  14. I shop at the YKDL store on a regular basis. They should bring out the bag, let you examine it and then take it in the back to wrap it. I have never got a box from them, but I have been treated very well. They usually come around the counter and hand the parcel to you. If you have taken the bag home and are not happy with the condition you have the right to return it and should not hesitate to do so. Some of the locks are a bit tarnished because they often have them in the back and only put them on the bags when they are sold. I can't imagine that you would every get a bag from an LV store that is not authenticate, they check all returns (serial #'s) against the computer. Hope this helps. Enjoy your bag!:yes:
  15. Hey Sarah, the SA at the store pulled my purse out of a drawer behind her. It didnt come from the back room..that's okay right?