Hello All!! I'm Your New Best Friend!! =)

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  1. Allow me to introduce myself to all of you Gucci fanatics! My name is Jay, I am a sales person at Gucci on Rodeo Drive.
  2. Hey Jay! Just wanted to welcome you and thank you for your service offers!! :smile:

    btw...we LOVE pics and we LOVEEEEE lookbook pics, stuff NO ONE has seen before and NO ONE knows it's coming out! It makes me, for one, all happy and giddy in side!!! :smile:

    Glad to have you here!
  3. The "Queen" is the new hot bag for the upcoming season!! I'll find a pic and post it!! Have fun!!
  4. hi & welcome Jay! always love to meet sa's on the forum. all the knowledge:graucho:!

    :woohoo:hihi we sure do like pics pics pics:woohoo::yahoo:!

    I'm sneaky, hihi. the collections always come out later in Belgium (the same with sales, ...) so I always check the us-site and the forum ofcourse first, to know what the new hot bags are so I don't 'waist' money on something I like a bit less. + I have time to save some more money if necessary. and now we have info from the source :tup:!
  5. :drool:
    you are my new best friend!!! lol

    W E L C O M E~~~!!! lol


  6. Hi Jay!

    We LOVE our SA's here but you need to be aware of a few rules we're VERY strict about.

    SA's may NOT post their contact info ever, not even in a private message. You may not tell people to contact you either.
    You may post stock updtaes, photos and answer questions, you may also tell people which store has an item, but please do not try to use the Purse Forum as a platform to further your sales.
  7. ohhhh can't wait to see the new "it" bag.... Please show, hehehehe
  8. Can't wait to see pics of the 'Queen'! Welcome to the forum!
  9. Welcome to the Purse Forum!!!
  10. welcome aboard
  11. Welcome. I am not sure if you will see this by tomorrow afternoon (sat) we are planning a TPF meet and day of shopping. We will probably be stopping by your store.
  12. Welcome! I'm looking forward to your knowledge of Gucci.
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    Hi! I'm Jay, your new best Gucci-Friend! I know all of you love Gucci! Some seasons are definitely hotter than others, but lets face it, Gucci is always near the top of your designer want-list...
    I am here to answer any Gucci questions you have, or fulfill any Gucci desires you might have!

    please read our rules

    Please ask me anything and rely on me as your new Gucci Guy!
    I look forward to getting to know all of you!!!

    Hope to hear from you soon!:yes:
  14. hi Jay.
    I asked you a year ago to read our rules, I'll only ask one more time. . . .
  15. hi jay!
    do Gucci stores sell detatchable shoulder straps? i want one to use w/ my duchessa boston to wear on the shoulder or messenger style!
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