Hello all- I just joined....

  1. I wanted to say hi and introduce myself. I have never been part of any forum-but I decided to join yesterday because of my growing love for beautiful bags!:P
    My name is Marly and I am an Interior Designer in the Bay Area.(San Francisco) Before having my own business in design, I worked in the fashion industry (when I was younger and had more energy!) I have been married for 19 years and have three kids- 2 teenagers and a 12 year old: boy-girl-boy, (in that order).
    I don't have much of a collection (yet);) I have two Carlos Falchis-a black Doctor's Bag and a small whiskey colored one with Croc. handles and detailing (my most expensive purse to date!) I have a kate spade and a Prada push lock bag, and a Francesco Biasia "Paradise Mix" from this season- I'm looking forward to taking that to Hawaii- we leave for spring break on Thursday!
    I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of a recent purchase on Ebay. It is a slightly "used but in perfect condition" Jimmy Choo Ross bag in creme. The seller is Linda*s***Stuff (has anyone dealt with her?) I've been reading your posts about ebay and I'm nervous! :wondering
    Anyway- I'm looking forward to being part of your forum!
  2. Welcome to the forum !! :biggrin:
  3. hi there - and welcome to the board --- everyone here is fabulous you will love it! And congrats on your choo!
  4. welcome and hope you enjoy your stay...
  5. Welcome to the forum!
  6. Hello and welcome to the forum! The rain has finally stopped here in Hawaii and best wishes for a most pleasant visit to our lovely state! If you are staying in Waikiki, you will be in handbag heaven, with a Prada, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Tod's, Christian Dior, Hermes, Ferragamo, Burberry, YSL, Bally, Coach...and more...all within walking distance.

    I have never bought from Linda*s***Stuff but have looked at a lot of her auctions. It looks like her bags are authentic. She has a wide variety of items and the photos are her own. Plus an over 10,000 feedback rating with 100% positive is pretty difficult to achieve! She has a lot of repeat buyers, another good sign. I wouldn't be worried.

    I'm an ebay seller and also sell purses. The fake sellers really hurt the many legitimate hard working sellers, and buyers always need to beware. But if you do a little research, check forums and even ebay's own discussion board on accessory authentication, ebay can actually be FUN for a buyer!!
  7. Welcome to the forum :smile:!!
  8. welcome!
  9. Hello and welcome :smile: !!
  10. Hi!! Welcome! You'll love it here! I know I do:biggrin: !
  11. Hi there! Welcome! You are going to love it here. Warning: Be prepared to see loads of beautiful handbags.
  12. Hi Marly - nice to have you with us...enjoy the forum!!
    I for one, came in, put my slippers on and never left!;)
  13. Welcome Marly!...congrats on your J Choo! I love that bag, I was too chicken to get the creme, I'm use to darker colors and I'm afraid it'll get dirty fast, since I'm such a klutz. The only other color available right now is purple, not for me. I heard they were going to come out with more colors for the fall. You won't be disappointed it truly is a gorgeous bag.
  14. Hiya, and welcome! Hope your e-Bay experience is a good one, my first one was.

  15. Welcome!