Hello all - I bought a Chloe at Saks Off 5th

  1. I'm Rocco (balenciaga and sometime fendi forums) . I have an Off 5th about 3 hrs from me. I bought this yesterday. i would like your expert opinions on it. No dust bag, no cards, nada. This is the ONLY Chloe I have every seen at any off 5th store. My impression was it was the first the sales ladies had seen too. I'm not a complete Chloe noob - have a tan hobo - but this one I've not seen. I admit I haven't kept up - so . . . I have lots and lots of pictures.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated. The tag simply says "green". I see a "green" wallet on aloharag

    Thanks in advance:

  2. some sort of..edith. thing. LOL. I'm not much help
  3. Gorgeous!

    It is Jade Green and the largest Edith - I forget the name. It is for sure authentic and makes a super business bag. What did you pay?
  4. OMG you are NOT going to believe it. I also got 25% off cause its was 25% off handbag day. If anybody goes to Saks off 5th - they have (twice a year) a VIP designer "event". Its stoopid really.

    They have all the high end designer stuff crammed and I mean crammed into this little tent area (inside the store) - I was in there for 2 hrs before I realized I could go in there! DUH! As I was about to leave I asked and said "whats with that?" she said "oh you can go in there if you have a Saks card"

    I found some Lanvin leather ballet flats (NOT my size - a 41) and this lovely behemouth!

    I don't really want to say - since I'm going to sell it on eBay :smile:

    I had a Saks credit that I had to spend and since I just bought another handbag I need to pay that one off
  5. Great bag, couldn't help but notice your email address -- GO SEMINOLES! :yahoo:
  6. It's cute and looks like it would make a nice work bag.