Hello all from Maryland!

  1. Just going to be on a minute and thought I'd say hi! I stopped at the Queenstown outlet on the way here from the airport and I picked up a little something (well not so little) in Bleeker green. The only large flap they had - which is pretty good because when I called yesterday morning, they said they had no Bleeker at all. It's a gorgeous green so I bought it but I'm afraid it won't match enough. I have an ink one on hold at another outlet that I am going to go to tomorrow. So I will see if I want to exchange the green one or not. Hmm....the green is so pretty but I'm afraid it won't match anything. hmmm....I'll try to get on tomorrow to let you all know. I'd really like this in black but no one I called has one in black.
  2. I really like the green and the blue! Post pictures when you get back!
  3. Welcome to my home state!!:yahoo:
  4. :woohoo:Welcome to MD!!!
  5. Thanks. While it's not my home state, it is DH's and I was here long enough for it almost to be mine. And it seems likely that it might be again. *fingers crossed for Monday's interview* One of the best parts? My trip is getting reimbursed!
  6. I think if you wear alot of earth-tones, green can be a great neutral. A little pop of color, but not too "in your face." Let us know how you make out at the other outlet.

  7. Best wishes on your interview!:flowers:
  8. My work staple is black followed by brown and sometimes navy blue. At home I wear jeans and shirts of many different colors. A friend of mine is supposed to be going with me so I am sure she will enable me somehow.
  9. Thanks!
  10. The bottle green looks great with denim too! Best of luck on your interview!!
  11. good luck on your interview!!!!! I cant wait to hear which bag you bring home w/ you!!!!!!!
  12. Hi, tanukiki! Can't wait to see what you bring home to show us!
  13. Bottle Green is a great neutral. It'll pop but not glow in the dark off of black.

    Green also looks great with denim.

    The bottle green is nice cause it's also relatively dark...and not a shade of green that will be weird with everything else.
  14. Good luck on your interview!!! I know you will nail it! BTW...I love the green flap! Congrats on a great find!
  15. I really like the green in the bleekers...a neutral, really! Esp. for fall/winter early spring. I tried on the lge. bleeker flap at the outlet (San Marcos) and I think it's a very comfortable bag!! Was the the large you got? Hope all goes well w/interview..hope to hear back soon!:tup: