Hello all fellow chloe babes...

  1. and thank you! I've been reading this forum daily for the past few months and it has really helped me learn about these beautiful bags. And everyones photos really helped me narrow down and know what I love!!!

    You will see me pop up on a variety of boards because I have found that I love ALL bags!!! But Chloe is what started it all...:yahoo:

    I settled on...
    Blanc 07 Classic Paddy (getting smooshier)
    Bronze Metallic 07 Tote (oh my gosh the smell and feel is wonderful)

    Hard to believe less than a year ago I carried the same boring black bag every day for at least 3 years!!!

    I promise to post pics when I get myself organized...
  2. Well welcome aboard and congrats on the new bags....post pics ASAP!
  3. Congrats and welcome!!!!
  4. Your Chloe bags sound awesome - can't wait to see photos. I too carried the same bag for about three years before I joined this forum!
  5. Hey I was wondering if any of you know of any online site that sell authentic chloe (besides nm, Saks, net-a-porter, etc.) I was looking at Euro bella and diabro.net and couldent figure out if I should buy from them or not.
  6. Welcome!
  7. Welcome, brunettetiger! Those two bags sound phenomenal and I also can't wait to see pics!
  8. I haven't ordered from them but I have read on this forum that Diabro has authentic Chloe's. You can also check out BlueFly and Overstock. I've ordered from both and my bags were authentic.
  9. help! what is the trick to getting pics to post? I wanna show you my paddies! tks, bt
  10. hello and welcome!! instead of posting a quick reply click on GO ADVANCED and you can attach photos from there!:yes:
  11. that's good news. post pics soon :smile: