Hello All, Chanel Question

  1. :nuts: I first wanted to say hi since I am new to the forum and while doing that, will ask my first question. I am not totally new to designer purses but am unfamiliar with certain brands. I am looking for a chanel purse that is white (with what looks like a soft quilted stitching), it does not look leather but could be. It has the double c's in the bottom left corner and they are in dark navy blue, not black. I saw it at a glance, think it had navy blue handles also. I live in Arizona and may as well be looking for a purse on a deserted island, we have no boutiques, Neiman Marcus, bloomindales, or any name brand boutiques. I have searched the internet until I am frustrated, yes, even eBay. I see all the white leather with black double c's, but nothing that is this soft fabric and white, with navy blue c's. Please help? Thank you so much for any help.
  2. how big is it? is it a tote? classic flap? has it got straps? Is it some thing you saw recently in magazine?
  3. It is smooth on both sides, no flaps, it is about 9 to 12" long maybe 3 to 4" wide straps are shorter, maybe 5 to 6" . A woman had it at a restaraunt, I saw it as I was getting up to leave, I did not want to approach her because she was having trouble with her young kids and seemed to be arguing with her boyfriend,looked very unfriendly and unapproachable.I thought it would be easier to find or I probably would have toughed it out and risked getting snubbed big time. Thanks so much for the quick response. This site is great.:yahoo:
  4. welcome terri! :welcome: i can't think of the bag you are mentioning offhand, but have you looked through the ref library to see if anyone has this bag? try that!
    good luck, hope you find it!:yes:
  5. Thank you, will do!;)
  6. Hi & welcome!