Hello all and Mitzy!

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  1. OH my!!! Rouge noir is totally gorgeous, total love at first sight:love:
    I am going to wait to see emerald because I do love greens but I think I may have just seen the bag that I must have :nuts:

    Thank you so much for posting that picture Charliefarlie, can I please ask was it the same price as the black/oak mitzy?

  2. Yes it was Bexiboo. I too am very excited to see Emerald, I am thinking of getting the medium hobo version. I love green!
  3. Ohhh a medium hobo, that sounds interesting too as the normal one I felt was a little big for me. Can I ask how you managed to be so lucky as to get that gorgeous bag so early. Should I be being really nice to my HOF sales person lol!
  4. I too am in love with the rouge noir Mitzy - have almost decided on it but am waiting to see what else comes out this season :smile: But Rouge Noir is definitely the way forward...if they did my beloved Somerset in RN I think I would faint!!

    PS Bexiboo...do you post on LLL? If you do I am Jaime!
  5. *waves* Hiya Jamie, tis me Bexi:biggrin: Are you liking the Mitzy in rouge noir? I am thinking it will be perfect as a 'hands free' every day bag.
  6. Hey Bexi! Thought it was you - welcome to the forum. Addiction starts here so beware! I have gained 3 Mulberrys in the last 4 months andthe support and advice from the lovely girls on here is great :smile:Yes am loving the Mitzy in Rouge Noir...am deffo going to get something in RN. Am going to see what else comes out in that colour then make my choice (and also make my bank manager weep!).

    I think you should definitely go for a Mitzy from your DH - will last forever.
  7. Hi and welcome Bexiboo! I have the oak Mitzy Messenger and find it a very versatile colour to wear. Although it doesn't have many inside pockets, it's size is very handy and you can't get lost inside it!
    charliefarlie - I somehow missed that reveal! That is a fantastic colour Mitzy!!! I saw the rouge noir on a Shimmy at our local dept store and didn't particularly like it, but your's is a completely different story. WOW!!
  8. 3 in 4 months :cool: I was looking at the Emmy before and it is gorgeous.

    It is a weigh up between the Mitzy and the Marc Jacobs bag I like, I just think that the Mitzy will be more practical for me. I shall have to go to HOF and try it as soon as it comes in.
  9. mssw157, I do have a VIP which I thought would be very useful to pop inside for extra pockets:smile:
  10. I saw the Mitzy range in Rouge Noir my local dept store and it was TDF. I was especially keen on the medium hobo:yahoo:
  11. Waves to Boo. Welcome to the highly addictive Purse Forum!
  12. *waves back to Bob*:biggrin:

    What do you think of the rouge noir mitzy? Do you think its me?