Hello all and Mitzy!

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  1. Hiya
    I am new to this forum and new to Mulberry. My friend bought a beautiful Mulberry from the Shepton Mallet factory store and has been singing the praises of it ever since so when my husband asked what I would like for a present for our 10th wedding anniversary a beautiful bag is what I have asked for. :biggrin: So this morning I popped along to HOF Cabot Circus and had a look at the styles and the style that 'sang' at me was the Mitzy messenger. It is perfect for me. I love accross the body styles as I have kids so like to be hands free.
    I was wondering a few things really. One was does the black ever come up in the factory shop. Also do you know if this style is going to be coming out with new colours for the winter?

    Thank you for your help
  2. Hello, welcome to the forum :yahoo:

    I think some of the other girls have mentioned a rouge noir color and possibly an emerald for winter, both sound interesting I think!

    Did you get the Mitzy?
  3. Welcome Bexiboo!!! Did you buy the Mitzy?? And if so, what color?? I have it in Oak and just love it!! Can't help you with Outlet stock, as I'm over here in the States. Glad you found us!!!:biggrin::biggrin:
  4. :welcome2:

    I have the turquoise Mitzy hobo & love her .. so soft & squishy!! :biggrin:

    Im sure she wont be your last Mulberry ... ;)
  5. Hi, and welcome to the forum!
    Mitzy messenger is a great choice. As the black is not a seasonal colour it is unlikely to be at an outlet store unless it is a 'second'.
    Another TPfer recently bought the Mitzy Messenger in the new Rouge Noir colour which looks amazing!!!! Try looking at the catwalk thread the picture may be there.
    I would wait a few more weeks until the new season colours come out before making a definate choice
  6. Oh congratulations on your new bag. I was in HOF Cabot Circus yesterday and don't remember seeing that! Hmmm I wonder if they've got some more new stuff in, might have to go back again! :nuts:
  7. It is worth saying that Mulberry 'seconds' are often still very good bags without much wrong with them.
  8. Thank you everyone for your warm and friendly welcome :smile:

    I haven't bought the Mitzy yet, I want to make sure that is 100% the bag and colour I want. I also want to make a day of going to buy it as it is a special present. I may hold off for a few weeks and see if there is any news on colours for winter. I did ask the really lovely gentleman who was on the Mulberry counter and he said he didn't know at the moment. I shall go and have a look on the catwalk thread for the rouge noir colour.
    I do like the blue but I am not sure if it would go with every thing I wear and I would like a bag I can use every day and not have to worry about the colour matching too much.
  9. The A/W colours are due in the shops in the next 3-4 weeks, although some independent retailers already have them in! :smile:
  10. Welcome! And you must love a bag at first sight before you spend a fortune!
  11. HI and welcome.
    The Mitzy range hasn't started coming through into the outlets yet. It's likely that the colours that will appear will be the seasonal ones - pink, white, turquoise - rather than the classic oak and black.
    I have the hobo in oak and turquoise and love the style. It's possibly one of the best bags I've ever bought.
  12. Welcome Bexiboo! We're a fun crowd here, so hang around. Deciding which Mulberry to get is always exciting, so enjoy!
  13. When I asked about when the next season collection would be in HOF at Cabot Circus, the girl yesterday told me it would be in August. Hope that helps!
  14. Hi Bexiboo and welcome!

    I have a new season Mitzy Messenger in Rouge Noir it really is lovely. I hope to see the emerald colour too soon.

  15. ^^ Oh that Mitzy makes me :drool: all over again!
    Take your time Bexiboo (welcome, by the way) - there will be more choices....!! It's a lovely bag!