Hello again !


Jun 4, 2008
Just wanted to say hi to everyone again. I haven't been posting for a few months now because I was extremely busy with school and work. Now that I'm only taking two classes for the summer I'm back to browsing on here alot lately!

Here's a picture of what I'm currently using now, just for fun. I'm killing some time before I leave work so I just took this picture now at my desk! The ocelot mini is always in any bag that I use and I love how it looks with my Zoe. The wristlet my mom got for me for Christmas this past year. It's the perfect size wristlet!


and here is my collection. my most recent purchase isn't included in my picture, but it's the sequin groovy bag (pictured below, I don't have my own photo of it yet). I got it at the end of January from the outlet for about $80!

Also not included, but pictured below, is my messenger bag that was bought after I took the group picture. And missing is a brown/kahki mini skinny.