Hello again :)

  1. Hi everyone,

    I am planning on giving ebay another shot after a bad experience (uncovered thanks to this great forum:smile:) and was wondering if anyone has bought off this seller and if this bag is authentic? #103000705197

    The seller is exceptionally nice and has outstanding feedback earned over years (2917 very positive ones since 2002).
    She said that she would relist the item for me and I am thinking about buying it, yet am a little scared since I already lost $500 when I accidently bough a fake before...
    Could you please be so kind to let me know what you think?

    Thanks a lot!
  2. The bag is not authentic.
  3. yeah it's fake.
  4. May I ask how you can tell?
  5. The tag is wrong for an 06 bag. The "A" refers to S/S 05 bags and the only pink in that season was bubblegum. This bag ain't a bubblegum unless her pics are really off. Also, in on of the pics you can just make out a blurred vision of a rivet. Should be notched in the newer bags.. def in an 06 bag which she claims this is.

    ETA: also in the pic showing that blurred rivet, it seems the hardware is silver. If it's an auth 06 bag - should be brass, not silver.
  6. I am really confused as to how the seller can get over 2000 people claiming that her products are authentic and even have been authenticated over the past 3 years...
  7. Quite likely a lot of her buyers don't know it's fake. Or maybe they're afraid to leave bad FB for fear of retaliation. Who knows?

    Anyway, for future references, it's best to post this in the "Authenticate this" thread.:smile:
  8. This seller is a notorious seller of fake b'bags. It's always a good idea, even when the number of negatives is relatively low, to use toolhaus.org to look at their content. For this seller, for example:


    Buyer mestiza_83[​IMG] ( 14[​IMG]) Apr-16-05 20:016756273149Reply by touchofclass208: 100 % authentic..we offer an excellent return policy...please read your emails!!

    There are others.
    Buyer lanproducts[​IMG](private) Feb-18-06 10:226843628464

    The cut and paste got a little mangled, but you get the idea.
  9. Dear Susan_Eric,

    Thanks for that link! It is extremely useful! You wrote that this is a notorious seller of fake b'bags- have you had any experience with her or do you know anyone who has?
  10. Please only post authenticity questions in the Authenticate This! stickies or Forum in the future.
  11. Hi (sorry Swanky--is it okay to respond here?)--No, I haven't bought from her. She's been "nailed" on both theitbag's blog and baghunter's blog, when she did "bad apples" if my memory is correct.