hello again I got my bag

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  1. hello im helen, I got my louis vuitton bag today. I went to my louis vuitton shop and i wore my best suit, it was a TJ Hughes one (its the best I had) I went into the shop and was first going to buy a speedy bag but then the Pink Linda Scarf bag caught my eye because it was on display, I had only took £600 to the shop because this was all that I had, I have been saving up for a Louis Vuitton bag sice 1999 and im only a cleaner. The Linda scarf bag really caught my eye but it was £2,600 and I only had £600, I felt very embarrassed because I did not have enough money for this bag. I went out of the shop and rushed to my local bank where I sat for 30 minutes whilst a man talked me through the loan. I ended up taking out a loan for £2,000 to put towards my £600 for the Linda Scarf bag. Now im very happy I got the bag and I very much love it. I would like to say thankyou to those who helped me with information about Louis Vuitton. Im also very sorry that I cant post pictures of my bag because I do not have a digital camera yet. im saving up for one. Thankyou, from Helen
  2. :nuts: OMG!!! Linda scarf!!! That's awesome!!! Enjoy it, Helen!!!:flowers:
  3. That's a gorgeous bag, congrats!
  4. Thankyou Im very happy to have it. But I have to admit that my bank account doesnt look very good. I will probably be paying my £2,000 loan off for years but I think it is worth it because I got my dream bag. Thankyou, from Helen
  5. Congrats on getting your first LV! How did you like the shop?
  6. ooo that's the bag I love..but yet it is way out of my budget. I'm saving for my first LV (Batignolles). Enjoy it, that is really a gorgeous bag.
  7. the shop was very nice but when I came in asking about the bags the woman seemed to look down her nose at me and that hurt me very much because im just the same as every one else and I have saved up for this bag. I just felt like telling her how bad my life has been over the years because I dont think young people today appreciate the things they have and the life they live.
  8. WOW... A Linda Scarf bag as your first bag?!!?!!? CONGRATS!!!! I'm sure you'll like it... Fuchsia is really pretty... ;)

    ...and as for that snotty SA... You're way better than her... it's funny how some people try to act or even think that they're better than you... :lol:
  9. Congratulations Helen on your purchase!

    There are some really snooty SAs out there. Just ignore them! Just enjoy your bag!!
  10. CONGRATULATIONS!!! That is an incredibly beautiful bag!

    Wear it in good health, and I know you will love it for years and years!
  11. Congrats Helen!:tender:
    You shouldnt worry about what people think of your occupation, you are doing something respectable. You shouldnt feel bad because you arent stealing money or prostituting yourself to make money.:flowers:
  12. Aw Helen congrats, The Linda Scarf bag is TDF!
    Enjoy your bag, sounds like you really deserve it!
  13. Congrats! That's a great bag
  14. Congrats on your new bag!!!:yahoo: Sorry to hear about the snooty SAs. Pooh to them! Enjoy your beautiful new bag!:heart:
  15. OMG the linda scarf bag is to die for
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