Hello Again!! Another opinion needed!!

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  1. Ok, so now that I have settled up with the dear fiance, a little time for me!! I have a Speedy 30 and 25 in Mono. I also have the Miroir Gold Speedy. I also have the White MC Keepall and I want another MC piece. Now hear me out, I bought the Trouville in the White MC. I LOVE THE WHITE MC. Especially here in AZ it's almost year round summer so white is always in style(IMO). I want the white MC Speedy (partly because Jessica Simpson is my idol) but mostly because it looks more "structured" than the other speedies I have. But I want to ask those of you who have or know about this bag..ENABLE ME!! I go to the boutique on Friday (maybe Saturday). I want to want this bag. I mean I already LOVE it from a distance...I have yet to see it IRL. So tell me the pros and cons...TIA!!
  2. Buy It!!!!
  3. yes yes yes buy buy! as you can see in my sig, i loveeee the bag and just a few more months and she will be mine!!!

    the bag is just so lovely and i do think it is more structured
    i held it once in the store and o boy sooo gorgeous!
    i also love the way the bag closes and the front pocket and the colors and and everything
    except for the pricetag ;)
  4. Yeah? Was it heavy?
  5. No cons, all pros ... Absolutely gorgeous bag! Go for it!
  6. I say go for it as well!

    OT: I want to see your bag collection! You've never posted a pic your bags! :sad:
  7. get it get it get it!
  8. It's a yummy bag, but Trouville's hanle are quite short, and it might be too similar w/ur speedy. Have you thought about shoulder or Priscilla, Audra, Ursula, or Rita?
  9. My digi cam. is getting repair!! I want to, but when I take pics with my phone the colors come out funny. As soon as I get my camera back I will do a family picture!!
  10. Go go go go for it!
  11. I have thought about the Ursula, but I am just not in love with it enough to buy it...
  12. BUY IT!!! I love it and I have a white trouville too!
  13. Buy it! I love this bag!!!!!!!
  14. It goes well with almost any outfits :love:
  15. Buy it, he he!! the MC speedy is gorgeous! no cons!