Hello! Advice on a New Purse! :)

  1. Hello Everyone!:smile:

    Just to give you a background on my purse wardrobe- my main rotation purses I use now are a Gucci Cruise collection, Bulga butterfly and a Kooba Claudia. I am feeling a little outdated, but I don't really know what brands to start looking at. I used to be a strictly Coach but now like to branch out to trendy but not overly popular brands.

    Any ideas? What's hot- I need advice from the experts!

  2. what is your price point & everyday style so we can get a better idea of what you would like.
  3. You can try Marc Jacobs or MBYMJ bags...those are very cute and the leather is great!
  4. I would take a trip to a local department store if I were you, or browse the selection online. I'm an advocate about buying what you like, rather than whatever bag is most popular at the moment. (Don't get me wrong, I also like popular bags, but not just because they are popular.)
  5. Trendy, but not super well known?? Rebecca Minkoff or Belen Echandia. Both are big here on TPF, but not recognizable to the average joe. Both sport super fabulous leathers and great quality bags.
  6. ^^^ Agreed.. :tup:
  7. Yes, I suggest visiting the dept. stores and looking around, even the higher priced ones like NM, etc. Though I can't afford a brand new Stam, I like the looking part and educating myself.
    And recently a bought a leather Juicy Couture Fluffy; I NEVER even thought of a Juicy bag, I thought they were all just velour and pink, but this bag is incredibly soft and wonderful. It pays to look at everything, you never know what will work for you.