HELLLPPPP!! MY patent leather Tribeca Cracked!!!

Oct 15, 2009
Well, if u remember i just did a reveal a couple of weeks ago and i wore this bag no more than 4 times. She cracked on the side of the bag, i tried taking a pic but my camera stopped working cause of the battery. I bought this bag at Macy's and i don't have the receipt anymore to exchange it any help would be appreciated i am beyond pist. I have no luck. Then today a pen mark went right on it, i did manage to take that off, but i have no idea what to do with this bag now???????? :rant::cursing:


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Apr 27, 2009
Did you buy it with your Credit Card or your Debit Card? If you did you can use a print out as a proof of purchase.

If you paid cash you have Macy's do a records check and they can find it. I have done this before, went to CS at the store I bought the Item at.

If by any chance Macy's does not want to help go to Coach and ask them what to do.

I am so Sorry about this...
Jul 1, 2008
Oh man! That just sucks!!!!! Your beautiful bag is what inspired me to buy one! I would think that even though it is a department store exclusive that you could take it to a Coach store and they could help you. I don't know how Macy's handles quality issues. I hope you can get some better advice. :sad: I know you are sad. It is a pretty bag. Good luck and let us know what happens.
Oct 15, 2009
thanks girls! well, i called the Macy's and they said they are very busy and can only handle things in person jesus i just wanted to ask them if they had the darn bag, well it so happens when i spoke to someone else the bag is sold out rrggghhh and i do have all the tags so now i'm thinking of taking it to Coach FP store. Even if I return the bag at Macy's without a receipt i won't get what my mother paid for it, she is the one who bought it for me that is why i don't have the receipt, she doesn't save anything so i doubt she has it either.


Jan 14, 2008
I would just take it to the FP store, they should give you the FP credit on the bag. Ugh...sorry this happened, it's such a pretty bag. Are there any other Macy's around you that may have them, or maybe since it's a defect your local Macy's can have one from another store shipped to you.


Sep 16, 2008
Does anyone have a picture of their patent bag cracking? I'd like to see so I know what to look for if this happens with my two patent bags. Thanks in advance.

I hope that you can get full credit for your bag.


Sep 15, 2007
I'm so sorry, hon! Just take it to a boutique. They will help you out, or alternatively, you can ship the bag off yourself. They will probably just give you a credit on the spot if you take it in to a boutique, though, so that will probably be the quickest! It's under warranty, so you don't have to deal with Macys unless you just want to.
Oct 15, 2009
well i called my local boutique and they said if not's bought their and they don't find in records in their store they can't take it wth?? so, now macy's i won't be able to deal with and the fp store are not helping either?? i guess i am stuck, i may have to check with Jax now ugh


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Sep 18, 2009
Oh no!! I'm so so sorry this happened to you. That Tribecca is one beautiful purse. Hopefully, the FP store can help you out on this one. I can see why a few TPF'ers are staying way from the Patent bags. :sad: Hopefully, *knock on wood* this doesn't happen to my beloved Zoe and Sabrina!
Oct 15, 2009
i think i am going to wait till it gets older and return it to Jax for a repair, if i had the reciept or gift card my mother bought it with i would have no problem returning it but since i don't this is my only option since the FP store is no help, they already told me they won't take it esp. with the Macy's Clearance sticker right on there. I tried taking that off but it didn't work. I'm truly sad cause i luvv this bag, never buying patent again...

Btw, COACHADDICT thanks for the advice but i didn't pay cash and they already told me that they don't have another bag, and i wouldn't get what i pay for it if i return it, so i loose a lot that way :cry: