Helllp :( New or old?

  1. On the "pics from the spring catalogue" thread,the bag (that is in my signature) was posted. It is the hamptons carry all in Doe. Did this just come out, or am I way behind on the times?LoL. I am completely lusting over it! Sorry for bugging the crap out of everyone about it. Any info is helpful!
  2. It is new, due out in the December 26th floorset. It isn't in stores yet but can be ordered through JAX. I have the satchel ordered which should be here tomorrow according to CS when I talked them today.
  3. Good news!! I called my SA at Dillards. She said the computer says they have 2 in stock but she couldnt find them in the back. I told her I'd be by tomorrow to see if she could find it, and if not, shes gonna do an online order with free shipping!:yahoo: I am ecstatic! haha.
  4. Yeah I actually called to ask if they will be releasing new bags on Dec 26th, but she really wasnt sure. She acted like she was never told about the release, but she was really helpful with helping me find the bag.
  5. That's great news! Congratulations! I can't wait to see your pics!
  6. Great news! Im so happy for you!! Please post pics when she arrives!!
  7. yay, i'm so glad you found out more information about your bag. I hope they're able to find them at the store so you can take lots of pics of it!