Hellloooooo Jewelry Forum -Ring advice?

  1. Okay so I was watching QVC and saw the most AMAZING jewelry box. I decided I want one for Christmas, and now I need some jewelry to fill it up teehee. I have my starter diamond studs (1/2 carat), a diamond necklace, a diamond tennis bracelet and one diamond circle link bracelet. BUT I don't have a diamond ring! It used to not be okay for a girl to buy herself a ring but I have class rings and non-stoned rings. Bottom line where do I go look for a cool-reasonably priced diamond ring? And also some cocktail rings? Oh yeah I'll be hanging out in here more now that I have inspiration
  2. I don't know where you are located but NYC's diamond district on 47th st is the best place to get good deals on diamond rings! I like I.D. Jewelery, they have a web site too...I.D.Jewelryonline.com. They are honest people and have great prices, I have been buying diamonds from them for years!
  3. You could also try Costco. I have a lot of jewellry,and I purchased a diamond tennis bracelet last year. I showed it to my jeweller and he told me it was a great price. I purchased it in the US and I live in Canada.
    If you check costco.com you will find very high end pieces and it is completely safe to purchase. You can't lose.
  4. Thanks girls!
  5. I was also going to suggest a warehouse like sam's club or costco because you can get a great value on rings and other jewelry. IF you don't have a membership to either of those places, try going to www.overstock.com in their jewelry section. They always have deals on fine jewelry. I'm sure others have great recommendations as well.
  6. Also try ross-simon.com, heavenlytreasures.com, and smartbargains.com....

    Costco does have great value, I really love their stone selections and they have great styles in diamonds.....

    Be sure to post pics once you decide!!!!
  7. QVC and HSN have some great cocktail rings! QVC pieces tend to be higher quality IMO, but HSN has such good prices! I recently got a 5ct fluorite and white topaz ring for only $25!!! It's really beautiful and unique and it looks like it was expensive. People always stare at it and say something like "OMG! Is that real?!?!" The best part is that it IS real :nuts:
  8. As bad as my addiction is for QVC I always skip the jewelry shows! I'll have to change that and look at the website too!
  9. Sams Club has the lowest markup of any retailer so if you are really looking to buy you should go into one of their locations. They are one of the most stringent quality controlled retailers my husband and I have ever run across (we sell our jewelery line to them) so everything you buy is top quality and worth every penny :tup:
  10. I've heard Costco has some great deals ..think you can look it up on their site the call so you'll know which location carries the style you want.
  11. I LOVE some of the rings Costco has. And the prices are great too.

    Another option - have one made for you! Go to an independent jeweler and have a one of a kind piece made just for you. No one will ever have the same ring! :smile:
  12. good suggestion@ casto.... it's Exam week (yuck!) so I don't have time to explore all these options but maybe right after Christmas I'll start looking!
  13. Cause of the economy, alot of these brokers are hurting right now. You could really pick up a great deal. Don't be afraid to let them know you're shopping around.
    LA has a district too.