Helllo!!! I want to buy a Balenciage but have no idea where to begin....

  1. I have the Ink City one I think ( i got my girlfriend to buy me a Black Balenciage (medium size) in LA so I didn't really get to pick it out).I dont really know the leather or name of the bags.

    But now I am wanting to go out and BUY IT MYSELF for the first time. I'm looking for something in a Wine/Burgundy/Dark Purple/ or Plum color. In a THICK like smoooshy leather....

    Can you girls help me out please!!! and recommend me some bags.....also is there a website where they sell Balenciage where I can take a look at pics??

  2. hey MissV the new fall colors have a color very similar to bordeaux called oxblood that is simply wonderful...another PFer just received hers and posted pics of it.
    there is another link which posted the new fall colors as well that you should take a look at.
    but if you're in the market for a deep red definately keep the oxblood in mind...
  3. Sound to me like oxblood would be the one for you! Very rich and beautiful color.
  4. yeppers, you should definitely go for the oxblood MissV :yes:
  5. The Oxblood would be perfect for you! I just got mine today and I love it! I posted pics of it in the thread peanut listed above. :smile:
  6. Aloha Rag sells authetic Balenciaga and a lot of girls on here love them. You can go to their website and they will email pics of the bags they have on hand.
  7. Thanks girls!!! now what sizes are availabe??? ( dont the have thier own name??)
  8. also what are the prices of the Fall Balenciaga??
  9. I am not sure those are *real* bags, but the first one is a City size, and the second is either a Work or a Weekend...probably Weekend. An oxblood City is probably your best bet. You can get one from Balenciaga New York in another week or so.
  10. ummmmm Im all the way in canada...thats why i had to get my friend to get my first balenciage in La.....it sucks up here noooooooooooo OPTIOOONS at all!!
  11. Can you order from BalNy? How about Aloha Rag? They just got a shipment of the Pre fall 06 colors in stock. They have great CS, too. :smile: