HELLLLPPP!!!! (just being a bit dramatic) but I do need advice

  1. I have been working just a short while as one of many supervisors at a utility company. It's a HUGE call center with lots of ladies. Well.......another supervisor who actually has been training me is known for her "Purse parties". She had one a month ago. The next day ya should have seen the gaggle(GAGGLE??) of fake louis vuittons and gucci bags running amok up in here. She gave me an invite but of course I politely told her I couldn't make it. Yesterday, she tells me, "i'm having another party this saturday and I see how much you love purses so you better come". I wanted to scream at her soooooooooo bad ............."NO NO NO YOU fake purse pusher!!!!!:cursing::cursing: I would rather carry a paper sack then purchase a bag from you. I SPIT on your bags!!!!!" but i'm still new and I don't think ya can really say a thing like that without kinda hurting someones feelings.

    She is gonna keep inviting me and i'm running out of excuses. Advice????
  2. Well you could go just to be polite and not buy anything. Never buy anything, as you know, they are fake. But maybe to just get her off your back you go once and bear through it. I dunno, maybe someone will have better advice then me.
  3. Do not feel like you have to go to attend something like this if you don't approve! If you go they are going to give you the hard sell, and you will feel bad for not buying anything. Just politely keep coming up with excuses and she will get the picture.
  4. maybe you can just politely tell her that you don't like fakes
    even if you are new, i guess she will find out sometime?
  5. Thanks for the replies! Initially, I thought I would just go but then I thought "what if they really push the issue about me purchasing something?"

    I might have to just politely say I really don't like fake bags.

    The funny thing about it is a LOT of the other ladies that have purchased from her don't know anything about louis vuitton and believe they are purchasing authentic bags.
  6. ^oh i hate when people think that their fakes are real!
    i think you should just tell her your feelings in a nice way!
  7. This has been my experience too, many women think that "Purse parties" are discount parties of authentic goods.

    As far as the party, I would just decline the invitation. She'll probably start asking where you get your bags and you can take the opportunity to inform her about your authentic bags :yes:
  8. Maybe somehow you could let her and the other ladies at work know the downside and horrors of fake bags and the fake bag market...poor quality, the illegal-ness of it..etc. I went to a fake purse party in 2004 (before I knew the darkside of it) and bought a fake Kate Spade for $60. A week later, the inside stiching came apart..for that price, I could've went to a store and used that $60 towards a decent(ish) bag. Thank god I know better now.
  9. Just be honest and say you're really not into fake bags.
  10. If she is aware of the cost of the bags actually manufactured by the company, saying you "don't like fakes" might not be the most tactful way to put it, since she probably cannot afford the "real" ones.

    How does she know how much you like purses? Maybe your best bet would be to move her away from that. Purses? Ancient history!

    It was a short-lived interest, related in some vague makeaface way to a short-lived dating interest, and both interests sort of fizzled out.

    What you are really getting interested in now is sports cars.

    The chances of anyone inviting you to a fraudulently labeled sports car party are going to be slight for at least another ten years or so, by which time you will probably not work there any more.

    And just have one or two bags that you take to work, and let that whole part of your life be a personal interest you pursue in your own personal time, keep workplace chat to a minimum, and keep that minimum on flowers and dogs.

    Even though you may have strong views on fraudulently labeled bags, even strong beliefs, the workplace is really a good place to concentrate on work, and keep the interests and the views and the beliefs special, as they deserve to be - in your own private, non-work life!
  11. I would just say something like "I have all the bags I need right now, sorry"...I don't know, its a tough situation. I don't understand what makes grown women think it is cool to carry fake handbags...so tacky!
  12. She knows I like bags because like most bag ladies(lol) I like to change bags with outfits. I never bring up things I purchase or would even like to purchase. I've never told any of the ladies their bags are fake.
  13. I like that:tup: I was kinda thinking of blaming my hubby telling her i'm on purse punishment or something
  14. I would just tell her I'm not looking to buy any purses right now and politely decline.
  15. I'd tell her I'm afraid of getting arrested and that might be the discussion opener on what fakes are about.