1. I'm in the process on buying my first Chanel piece and I'm in dilemma on which one to buy.. I desperately need your help to find my dream bag before there's another price increase.. Below are some few choices that I have.. Add more if you want.. Any suggestions would be gladly appreciated... Tia :p

    1. Cambone Tote
    2. Black Gst w/ SH
    3. Expandable tote
    4. ?
  2. Gst
  3. Gst
  4. Another vote for the GST!
  5. Gst
  6. Expandable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Hey guys,

    How about the Modern Chain Tote in Black? Is that still available?
  8. It seems as your choices are the roomier bags. I will definitely say the GST!
  9. Gst
  10. GST, a great classic staple.

    Yes the Modern Chain Tote is still avail. I was at the NM Las Vegas store and they had some avail.
  11. Gst
  12. Either GST or Cambon:tup:
  13. North South Cloudy Bundle Tote or GST
  14. How about the new release N/S MC. It's super sparkling with ruthenium hardware.
  15. GST, I adore this bag!